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5 Top Ways To Sell Your Video Tutorials Online

Updated on February 24, 2011

So you have made the e-learning video that everyone praised for its quality. And many suggested that you try selling your video online, because that is where the real money is.

Not a bad advice, for the web is like a gigantic market-place frequented by common people like you and me having myriad needs and looking to solve them in their individual ways.

If that sounds good, in reality it may not be so. As any veteran web marketer will point out, there are many rough patches on the path to making it rich selling on the web, especially if your means are somewhat limited for one reason or another.

I feel there are usually 3 aspects that are foremost in deciding how well you can sell online. The first is to identify one or more popular places where you are able to hang out your item for drawing attention of the potential buyers. Second, identify the modes of delivering your item to the buyer and collecting money in return. Lastly, you have to market your product to reach as many targeted buyers as possible, all the while balancing the return on the investment you make.

The online selling process may seem complex, but if you look at the 3 aspects closely, you’ll realize that the first 2 are absolute necessities because without them you cannot effectively complete the sale of your item. The third is also a necessity, but perhaps you can still live without heavy marketing, surviving solely on say word-of-mouth publicity.

This article lays stress on the first 2 aspects, and we’ll discuss here 5 top ways to selling your video online. They are not the same in the scope and operability as you’ll find out soon. Depending on your needs you may select one or more of these ways to sell your video online. Good luck!

PayPal - The Most Popular Of All
PayPal - The Most Popular Of All

Sell Through PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular platform to sell downloadable products like online video. The good thing is It is easy to setup a PayPal account, but what is more important is that it is convenient and reassuring to sell through PayPal.

In PayPal’s words: Website Payments Standard is our fastest way to set up online payment on your website and accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

PayPal doesn't charge monthly fee or cancellation fee. However transaction fees are payable when you make a sale.

ClickBank - Mostly For Digital Items
ClickBank - Mostly For Digital Items

ClickBank – A Popular Destination

Yet another popular selling platform for e-items like online video is ClickBank. It is very common to find both new and seasoned sellers jostling for attention in ClickBank. Not without reason!

One big advantage to have it as your selling partner is to enjoy the massive affiliate network that ClickBank has and puts to good use.

Unlike PayPal there is one-time per-product activation fee of $49.95 in ClickBank, plus commissions for every sale. To recap, ClickBank's USP is its huge number of ‘foot soldiers’ or affiliates who will sell on your behalf.

E-Junkie, Versatile & Useful
E-Junkie, Versatile & Useful

E-Junkie’s Versatile Solution

There are other solution providers like PayLoadz, tradebit, etc. that are more or less similar to ClickBank. Here though let us look at E-junkie Shopping Cart.

E-junkie is relatively less known, yet surprisingly popular among those who are using it for awhile. Why it is unique?

When you use E-junkie you can to a large extent automate the selling process in conjunction with ClickBank, Google Checkout, PayPal Standard, and 2CheckOut among others.

Now that's indeed helpful!

SwiftCD - Really Good
SwiftCD - Really Good

SwiftCD – The ‘Tangible’ Approach

Did I mention SwiftCD above. Well, it's a good one, but how does it help?

In its own words: At SwiftCD, we create custom CDs and DVDs one at a time, and ship them world-wide directly to your customers.

This means you can make 'tangible' sale of your video in CD/DVD at SwiftCD instead of only digital download. This is a big step in making more number of sales because many buyers will rather prefer a 'tangible' buying.

I've made the video below based on Swift CD.

CreateSpace- Spread yourself far and wide
CreateSpace- Spread yourself far and wide

Sell In Amazon CreateSpace

Becoming a seller in Amazon is not a big deal really. The route to Amazon's famed 'gateway' is via CreateSpace.

It's a lot like SwiftCD. The free online publishing tools and an exceptionally helpful Community can help you self-publish and distribute your video.

To quote Amazon, formats supported through CreateSpace include books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and Amazon MP3s.

Video On 'Making Money Selling Web Video'


So, how to go about..? That's the all-important question rotating in your minds.

A lot depends on how you involved you want to be in the whole selling process. Let me touch upon PayPal again because it's not only popular as I've pointed out above, it's dependable as well.

The simplest way could be that after a sale happens in PayPal and you get the money, you send access to the buyer to your online video by sending an email.

This may look easy, but it may not be a longer term solution. Why?

Remember the buyer doesn't get to see the video as soon as he pays. It's only after the payment happens and PayPal informs you so that you send the email giving the link. There always is a time gap in this process, and so it is rather not preferable.

That said, the bottomline as always is to try out different things and see what works best for you. Best of luck!


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    • profile image

      geoff 3 years ago

      Another good solution for selling video tutorials is ( )

      Has max 4GB file size, unlimited bandwidth and storage + video previews. Very simple and easy to use checkout and seller interface. Popular for artists selling video tutorials. No setup, simply copy and paste a few lines of code. Free and premium apps available including a shopping cart, and customers can purchase with credit card or Paypal without being transferred away from website.

      Free to sign up. One simple fee per sale, no monthly subscription, and no additional credit card or PayPal costs. Free downloads are completely free.

    • profile image

      Brandi 3 years ago

      There are some other good alternatives that allow you more flexibility with revenue and personal branding. I like

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago

      Or get your own shop for selling any kind of digital items:

    • profile image

      Nazri 5 years ago

      I have found that Udemy also is a great place to share or sell your video tutorials or course. Have a look on my video I share about Udemy at

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Another great site to sell your video online is

      It is also an elearning site that allows anyone to teach online or just another great way to monetize and sell video online.