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5 Ways to Motivate your team (without spending a lot)

Updated on April 28, 2015

You’re an awesome leader, and you know it. But sometimes, team morale goes down for whatever reason.

Here are 5 Ways to Motivate Your Team (without spending too much money)

1. Always tell the truth

This develops trust between you as the leader and your teammates. If the team wasn’t able to reach their goal, tell them honestly what you think went wrong. Of course, this does not mean that you should sound condescending. No, not at all! There’s what we call constructive criticism. Tell your team what you think went wrong AND how you think the team could be better. Honesty develops trust. Trust develops motivation and inspiration.

2. Offer (personal) incentives

This would be IN ADDITION to the office incentives given by the big boss. What better way to make your team members think, “my team leader is awesome!” than by rewarding good behavior and good productivity from your own pocket? I don’t mean that you should buy expensive rewards like vacations or dinners for two at a swanky restaurant! You, as their leader, can buy them mini chocolates as rewards, small amount gift certificates from Starbucks or their favorite milk tea place, or even a slice of pizza! Whatever tickles their fancy, find it and use that to reward and motivate your team. I personally found mini chocolates to motivate my all-girl team before.

3. Talk to them

This is the best way to maintain human connection with your team members. Try asking some of these questions. “How are you?” “What will you/did you have for lunch” “What did you do over the weekend?” I’ll bet their answers will amaze you and help you learn more about them. Then, use what you have learned to offer them personal incentives. Smart.

4. Be approachable

As a leader, you should not shut yourself out. Try not to put your headphones on while your team is right there beside you. Try not to close the door to your office (if you are separated from your team). Be open and be approachable so that your team members are motivated to come talk to you anytime.

5. Invest in sticky notes

If this is okay with the big boss, stick notes of encouragement or thanks. Did one of your members hit that weekly goal or finish the project ahead of time? Stick on a huge “thanks!” or “you’re awesome” on his/her desk or monitor. That will surely boost his/her confidence and be motivated to always do his/her best.

Try these suggestions with your team soon and let me know how it goes!

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