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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Market Yourself for Employment

Updated on August 7, 2017
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Katleigh is an avid education writer with an emphasis on early childhood education and alternative education methods.

There are plenty of social media options to use on your job search.
There are plenty of social media options to use on your job search. | Source

More and more companies are realizing how powerful social media is in furthering their business. Isn't it time you caught up with this growing trend? Just as companies use these tools to market themselves, you can provide the online community with your skills and expertise, as well as stay a step ahead in the job market arena

1. Create a LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like an interactive, online resume that you can instantly share with anyone, anywhere. Don't waste the opportunity to promote yourself online and make new contacts in the most professional way possible.

2. Use the Contacts You Already Have

Maybe you have an old high school teacher that saw your untapped potential, or an old boss that hated to see you leave because of your move; these are exactly the people you want as references for a job opportunity- or even to recommend you to one you wouldn't have access to otherwise.

3. Remember What Your Potential Employers Can See

Keep yourself respectable. Refrain from broadcasting your ex's perhaps unsavory love life in the heat of the moment. If your future boss happens to look at your Facebook page and you were his top pick, certain obscenities might knock you right off that list. Keeping a drama-free workplace is important to an employer.

4. Blog About It

Maybe you know a lot about your niche in the cosmetology business. To a potential employer, an excellent way to show enthusiasm and expertise is an up-to-date fashion blog, and they might even find you.

5. Use Media to Find A Whole New Career

While you're busy networking with the welding industry, you might find out about a job you might have not even thought about, like an elevator repairman.

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