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5 Weird Ways to Make Some Extra Bucks

Updated on September 9, 2017
Stacie L profile image

Stacie L has been an educator for many years and likes to share her experiences and advice.

Thinking outside the box

Weird and fun ideas earn extra money

Money is so tight for some that they would do almost anything to make ends meet. Even if you don't need the money, you may have fun using some of these ideas. People need to think of new ways to earn a buck or two. If you've ever heard the phrase," think outside the box,” you will discover that these five suggestions are way outside the box! There are some weird ways that people now are making some extra dough these days.

They are not the usual babysitting, housecleaning, or lawn-cutting type of jobs. I researched many sites and read numerous articles and found some weird and unusual ways to earn extra dough. They are not so different that the average person would not come up with these ideas and are off the grid, so to speak.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The first idea is selling your hair for big money. Yeah, you can sell your hair but it better be thick and long without processing. Some pieces go for as much as $200. to $2200. and more. It really depends on the texture, length, color, and age.

The hair cuttings are used in wigs, hair extensions, weaves and toupees, so human hair is more desirable. Guys can sell their hair also as long as it's nice. If you want to start a business, then become a human hair broker and be the middleman for buyers and sellers of hair.

Hair brokers have become very popular in third world countries as well as any place where people need cash and have nice locks to sell.

Cleaning up in the laundromat

A second weird and unusual way to make some money is to clean up in laundromats in the town. What I mean is, visit laundromats at night, maybe before closing and bring a long thin pole or stick. Something like a wooden yardstick will do and locate money that has fallen under the machines.

You know everyone that uses the washer and dryers will drop some coins and not retrieve them so you can literally clean up. Just drop to your knees and push the stick vertically under the machine and pull it towards you horizontally. You will bring back lots of dust and lint with your booty.

I would be careful to watch out for the manager and not come too often. Some people can make a few hundreds dollars and more, depending on the number you visit each week or so. Another variation is to offer to clean under the machines and give half to the owners, if you're caught.

The Human Guinea Pig

Becoming a human guinea pig has been around for some time, but it's unusual and makes the third way to earn some extra bucks. The proper title is clinical research participant or paid medical research participants. You can find out where they need volunteers or check the online newspapers and classifieds. If you don't mind letting

Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics use your body or condition for research purposes, then try it out. It is a legitimate way for those with cancer or other debilitating conditions to try a new trial procedure or drug.

And they pay quite well for some of these trials.You can receive mileage, hotel stays,and a big check at the end,so read up on each one.

Justice prevails

Speaking of trials, the next fourth way to make some dollars is to sign up with an online “mock” jury service. Lawyers need to “pre-try" cases in front of or online with real people and get their honest opinions about their case. This type of service helps the lawyers gain valuable feedback about their chances of winning their case with public feedback. It also eliminates the hassle of physically driving and scheduling prospective jurors. I like the idea of not having to face the defendant.

Some of the basic requirements are just like real prospective jurors. They must be 18 years of age, be a US citizen, have a clean felony record, and be of sound mind and character. I don't know how they can check on the sound mind and character part, but it's work a shot. There are many on the web so check out the links. The pay ranges from $5.00 to $100.00. A few links for more information check the links at the bottom.

Put kitty to Work

The fifth weird and unusual way to earn some cash is to put your darling pets to work. Yes, make those spoiled little fur-balls earn their keep! Get those cats,dogs and gerbils with lots of personality in contact with a talent agency and start the process.

There is a man that has performing animal act in Las Vegas. He looks for his future performers in local animal shelters and trains them. They are really good and grateful to be alive, I'll bet! Maybe you have a pet with personality too!

Summary of 5 Weird ways to Make a Buck

There are many odd and weird jobs or services out in the world; just think about what is not being offered or what people need and want.

If you have great hair and haven't cut it since Clinton was in office, then you may have a shot at some big money.

On the other hand, you may like the idea of judging other people without facing them, so an online juror may be in the cards.

I like the idea of putting animals to work. I know some cats with so much personality, that they would be a hit on the sound stage. Remember “Morris the cat?”He just sat there, looking so cool and aloof. That cat was a shelter animal that got a second chance at life. Both the owner and the cat made it big and so can you if you think about it. Be weird.

© 2017 Stacie L


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  • Coffeequeeen profile image

    Louise Powles 5 months ago from Norfolk, England

    I've seen where you can sell your hair. I may consider doing that!

  • Stacie L profile image

    Stacie L 9 months ago

    Don and Sally Bea; Thank you for reading and leaving your comments.

  • Stacie L profile image

    Stacie L 9 months ago

    Thanks for reading and commenting Beverly Jean!

  • Happy Vegan profile image

    Beverly Jean 9 months ago from Denton

    What a good, fun article. Thanks for sharing. I might try one of these.

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 9 months ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    I have heard of some of these ways to make money. I think Charles Dickens brought up the one of selling hair in one of his novels. Interesting hun.

  • sallybea profile image

    Sally Gulbrandsen 9 months ago from Norfolk

    Definitely weird and not exactly what I was hoping for:) Funny how attractive the idea of making a few quick bucks can be sometimes. Interesting all the same though.