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5 Honest Advice for Employees During Lockdown

Updated on May 18, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


A few days back I was reading some articles published in the newspaper. They were sharing data as how many people lost their jobs due to coronavirus. So, I am writing this article and want to share the condition of India.

Most of my articles are based on facts or through my articles I want to motivate people. My only motive behind writing such articles is to give enough ideas, inspiration, hope and action plans.

India is the seventh-largest country with 1.35 billion population. And as per the record around 50 lakh graduates pass out every year. But due the coronavirus and lockdown, it has been reported that around 27 million youth lost their jobs in the month of April 2020. And this data is related to only the white-collar job-holders. So, I want to share some ideas which can help employees to retain their current jobs.

Data related to job lost in the month of April 2020 for white collars
Data related to job lost in the month of April 2020 for white collars

Take Work From Home Seriously

First of all, if you are still working for some company then know that you are lucky. As you are aware of the economic condition. This current situation is prevailing not only in India but around the world. And due to this almost all the companies including govt. employees are now allowed to work from home.

In many cases even if offices are reopened than also only 33% of the workforce are allowed to attend the office. So, my honest suggestion is to start taking your work from home seriously. Because it’s sound bad but it’s true if seniors will feel you’re not adding any value to the company you will soon receive your pink slip.

So, get more engaged with your seniors and colleagues, share ideas about how operations can be improved, which technology can be used, how efficiency can be increased. And I am sure since you’re working in your company you will have some ideas regarding what all things which can be improved. Share those with your higher authorities.

Approach Work Like All-Rounder

In today’s tough economic situation the company will retain those people who can do multi-task. I am not saying this to hurt someone. This is the demand of the hour. And this will stay for a few months.

So, if you’re a person who can make a presentation, give a presentation, lead a team and take care of the operations of your department then you will be the most valuable resource for the company.

By the way, due to coronavirus, many individuals involved in sales are requested to stay at home. So, being a salesperson how can you generate sales without even meeting your clients or customers. Can you take advantage of digital marketing as per your budget and market? Can you use WhatsApp marketing for your company? Think and roll out the plan.

Futuristic Approach
Futuristic Approach

Become More Futuristic

See market, people and situations are unpredictable. What we are using today might become obsolete tomorrow. So, we have to see how and what we should do to update our knowledge.

If you see the trends almost all businesses are moving towards digital. So, this is the right time to update your knowledge related to digital marketing. And if you want you can enrol in some online courses. But I will say just like India is a vast country, the same way digital marketing is a vast subject.

So, my advice will be, first try to understand what is digital marketing by watching free videos on the YouTube channels. Simply don’t enrol in the high paying courses and waste your hard-earned money. But yes digital is the future.

Don’t Talk Or Feed Your Mind With Negative Words

This is the time and situation when we have to be most positive about life. Remember you have a job so you’re lucky. Use your time the best way to give the best result to the company. Neither talk negative nor listen to any negative.

For this, I will share one simple solution. Don’t watch every single random videos which you receive in your Whatsapp. Plus, don’t circulate any such negative videos to anyone especially in your office group. Share your positive vibes and stay positive. World is not going to end. We all are going to bounce back, so stay positive and concentrate only on your daily task.

Take Care Of Your Health

Due to the prevailing situation, many individuals will lose their mental health. Not only that there are chances for many to lose their job. So, there will be income and career loss. This will affect the family ties. It is recorded the unemployment is the biggest reason for divorce. And it will have bigger repercussion for the society.

Therefore, in this situation, it’s very important to stay mentally tough. Remember tough times don’t last, tough people do. So, become mentally strong.

When you will become mentally strong automatically you will become physically strong. And today’s world need such heroes. Start doing exercise at home or within your boundary, don’t sit idle and watch television the whole day. Look for ways to earn money online. Make the best use of the internet and technology.


Remember what we are facing today is just a situation. And it will not going to stay like this forever. Soon companies will start their operations and business will flourish. Again lots of human capital will be needed for every business but by then will you be ready to accept the future challenges?

And my last advice will be please start side online income because that’s one area where you can make money by working from home. But remember there is no short cut. I hope my article gave you some hope, ideas and action plans to follow.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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