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5 reasons why every company should have a blog

Updated on January 21, 2010

Company Blogging

Blogging has proved to be an invaluable tool as far as modern day business strategy is concerned. There are lot things that can be done with blogs. In case you don’t know, blog is an online diary that was created to help people freely share their personal thoughts and feelings at their own convenient time. This traditional focus of using blogs as an online diary has however changed and includes any thing that can be imagined. Blog/ blogging have turned to become a dynamic force in the information dissemination sector of our modern day society. One good thing about modern day blogs is that they are so flexible to use that you can make out anything you can imagine from it. You can hardly distinguish between a blog and a static except you have some basic fundamental knowledge of HTML and Web design.

Dynamic and forward looking company have long ago taken advantage of the features of blog/ blogging to gain unfair advantage in whatever sector of the economy they are operating in. if you and your company has not been using blog as part of your strategic tools, then, you have missed out some benefits that could have otherwise been yours. But, you need not to worry much as this article will give you some useful tips that you can use today to put your company on a better footing than her competitors.

Employee motivation

Employees of a company is the most valuable assets that has never appeared on the statements of financial position of a company (balance sheet), so sad but, that is a simple fact that we all have to face for various logical reasons. Just like we take care of our physical (non-living) assets, we are expected to equally take care of our living assets. Now how can a blog help motivate your staff an bring out the best in them?

To answer this question, I will tell you a short story and then leave you to be the judge. Mr. Chinweike is a hard working employer that puts in his best in a company that has branches all over the world. He worked so had that the manager of his local branch wrote a recommendation letter to the corporate headquarters recommending Mr. Chinweike for promotion and was asked to bring Mr. Chinweike’s picture and his official cell-phone number. The CEO of the company then wrote a blog post about this hard working employee putting his picture and his number there.

A long time lost friend of Chinweike called him very early the following day to congratulate him for being the employee of the week even before he can read the blog post himself. Now, what do you think this will do to the motivation of other employees? They will all put in their best in serving the company so that they may be the next person that will appear on the blog post of the CEO.

Marketing tool

Having a web presence is not enough synonymous with having a static web page that no one knows exist. You need to make people feel your presence through marketing before people will know you exist. Blog/ blogging is one of the cheapest way of promoting your business. This is because blogs have some self promotional tools that a company can leverage on and spread their business like wide fire. Though, companies that have a large budget can employ other means of promoting their company’s website.

Means of internal communication

Through a blog, information that is internal to the company can be passed to all employees within the company. It is more efficient and more cost effective to use a blog to communicate with employees that are spread all over the world than using other means of communication. Note however that confidential information would rather not be passed through this means.

Education for the staff

There are times that staff of a company will need to be educated on certain areas of a company’s activities. Blog is by far a cheaper way to do this. The course could be broken down into series that employees will subscribe to and read up at their own convenient time.

Public relations (PR)

Companies can use blog to establish a close tie with her customers and other stakeholders. PR is so important in a company’s success or failures and needs to be properly managed else, the company will go underground. Blogging can be used to achieve this in a cheap and effective manner.

Research and development tool

Feedbacks can be obtained about a company’s performance through a simple poll or other tools that can be found in blogging softwares.

The most wonderful part of all this is that a company does not need to spend extra dime just to setup a blog. All they need to do is run the blogging software that comes with their hosting right. Bluehost is a web hosting company that can allow you to open up to 100 blogs under on hosting account.

Now that you have known this, what then are you waiting for than to start blogging? You can grab some of these Amazon books on blogs and keep blogging!



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