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5 Tips to Overcome Negativity in Life

Updated on May 16, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


As per my belief and understanding, I have seen we all are born positive. I have never met any child in my life who is born negative. But as they grow they tend to observe and feed their mind as per their surroundings. So, obviously, if the atmosphere is such that the child is getting the negative vibes then the thought process of such a child will become negative.

As they reach to the teenage stage it becomes very difficult to change their thinking. Proper guidance, love, patience, education and right knowledge are the only keys to help such children.

What if we are negative about life and struggling a lot? How can we change our negative thinking process? So, let me help you and allow me to share five tips to overcome negativity. These are my favourite tips and routines.

First task is to stop watching television
First task is to stop watching television

Stop Watching Television

I remember there was a time when I use to sit in front of the television. I use to watch different news channels, serials, movies etc. And this is how every day I use to spend my three hours. So, the first thing I realized that I have to stop watching television at any cost. And today, I am more than happy that I have not seen anything on television from the past three years. No live cricket matches, no news and no time wasting serials.

If you watch television first thing in the morning then you will lose your power related to critical thinking and analytical thinking. Because we all know-how news are made and spread now-a-days. Many times they are biased opinion and they misrepresent to favour others. If you can control this habit alone, 25% of negativity will be removed from your life for forever.

If you read the biography and observe the lifestyle of any highly successful individuals, you will find they don’t watch television. People like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, they like to read for half an hour every day. Then they concentrate on their daily task.

Usain Bolt - The Fastest Man Alive
Usain Bolt - The Fastest Man Alive

Concentrate On Your Daily Habits and Task

If you’re a student, or an employee or running your own business. Then every day concentrate only on your habits and daily task. Your daily habits will lead you towards your goal. Today we are the outcome of our daily habits.

How powerful can be the outcome of our daily habits and can it help us in achieving your goals? To understand this let me share the example of Usain Bolt - the fastest man of the planet. As per his career records, he officially holds world records in the men’s 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4X100 meter relay. He won eight Olympic golds and became the world champion for 11-times. In his short twenty years career as an athlete, he was able to make $115 million as his net worth.

And the best part is Usain Bolt ran less than two minutes in his entire career in different championships. But to reach this level he use to train and focus only on his daily habits i.e training. This is the power of concentrating only on your habits and daily task.

Take Care Of Your Body And Mind

To become successful in life you need to take care of your health. Health is wealth and productive outcome demands a healthy mind and body. Usually, when we say a healthy body, we need to take care of a few important things.
1) We need to keep our body weight under control
2) We need to drink enough water on a daily basis
3) Need to eat fresh vegetables and fruits
4) We need to go out for walking or do simple daily exercises at home

You see to work continuously for long hours we need to keep our health in top shape. If your mind and body is not healthy you will have difficulty in concentrating on your daily task. Never underestimate the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Read, Listen And Watch Positive Messages

There are many benefits if you read, listen and watch positive messages on a daily basis. You see whatever you will read, listen or watch your mind keep on recording those things. And whenever you will have to solve any problem or have to make some decision then your mind will look into those recorded programs. Suppose you have filled your mind with negatives messages then you will give negative output.

In the same way, if you have filled your mind with positive messages then you will put a positive suggestion in front of others. In simple words, what goes in, comes out. Good in, good out, positive in, positive out. Same way you will have to take care of how you use different social media. And if you want to watch television then watch only the biographies of successful individuals.

You're the average of five people
You're the average of five people

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This point is very easy to understand yet many people fail to implement. It has been said we are the average of the five people with whom we surround and spend our time with.

In simple words - if you want to become successful then spend your time with likeminded people. Because they know exactly how you can achieve success. These people will motivate you, guide you and most important you have to observe them to learn their skills.

So, for example - if you want to become a blogger, join some blogging community. Start a conversation with them, practice your craft, read their blogs and observe them. Soon you will know many of their tricks and you will be on the way to become another successful blogger.


Truth is negativity is all around but how you keep your mindset positive that power is with you. Don’t give the key to your happiness to someone else. In the end, I just want to say you will have to learn to control your negative thoughts. For that stop feeding negative thoughts. Then it will be easy for you to control negativity.

So, remember when you are alone try to control your thoughts, when in public or among friends or in family control your words/ speech. And I hope sooner or later you will able to overcome all the negativities of life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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