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5 ways to succeed in China

Updated on May 20, 2015
The Bund - Shanghai
The Bund - Shanghai

Know the language

In order to succeed you need to learn the Mandarin and the Chinese culture. It’s not as hard as many people imagine, and it is undoubtedly a necessity. Ryan McMunn, BRIC’s Language CEO emphasizes: “Learning the language shows respect for the country you live in and the people you work with. If you are successful it will add more than you can ever imagine to both your business and personal life in China.”

Learn Mandarin
Learn Mandarin

Learn the culture and its norms

China has a wonderfully rich culture, and 5,000 years of it to learn about. Taichi, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Wushu, Kong Fu, Calligraphy, Beijing Opera are all part of that beautiful culture. A good example that illustrates dining etiquette in China is the habit of slurping noodles, which is considered good manners in the country and a sign you like the food.


Adapt to local differences

Companies often do not net the same results when they implement similar strategies abroad that may generate success domestically. It is imperative that companies seeking to expand internationally acquire a comprehensive understanding of a foreign culture and its way of conducting business. Learn how to respect their culture without ditching your own. They will respect you for that.

Scorpions on the stick
Scorpions on the stick

Master negotiation

Negotiations are endless in China, and this goes for almost every type of situation. Communication can be vague, and it’s crucial to understand the “Guanxi” which is a relationship network of influence prevalent in Chinese business that cooperate and support one another. If you understand business conduct in China, your chances to close a successful deal are much bigger. | Source

Find a good partner

It’s imperative to build a trusting relationship with a reliable business partner who deeply knows the local landscape, the language and culture. This will reduce your learning curve and help you to succeed faster. You may have a fantastic idea but if you lack the right people to implement and manage the business, the possibility of success quickly diminishes. | Source

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