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6 Major Advantages for Creating a Virtual Office

Updated on November 15, 2013

Like every other aspect of human existence, work places too are getting a virtual dimension. The trend of virtual offices may still be in its nascent stages, but its many benefits for small businesses and startup initiatives have led to the emergence of an altogether newfound business landscape. By definition, a virtual office space is one where day-to-day operations are carried out outside the confines of a traditional work place. Considering the spate in service-oriented businesses, the virtual office model presents as an ideal choice for various reasons. Here is a look at six major advantages of a virtual office for small businesses:

Big Savings

Financial constraint is one of the biggest considerations for those launching a business of their own. No matter how small a business you intend to set up, a sizeable portion of your budget is eaten up in setting up a functional office. To begin with, office space – like all other real estate – is expensive. Irrespective of whether you buy, lease or rent the office space, it is going to make a substantial dent in your budget. Having a work place alone won’t suffice, to get an office up and running, you’ll have to invest in essentials such as furniture, office equipment, computers etc. All this requires investment of time, money and effort. A virtual office, on the other hand, allows you to make big saves on both one-time and recurrent expenses of running an office space. The money thus saved can be used to enhance the productivity of the business venture by approaching bigger clients or hiring more competent employees.

Making that Favorable First Impression

Now, you may not be able to afford an office at an upscale business hub, but you can certainly afford a business address of such a prime business center. If you are running a virtual office, chances are you’d be working from home. However, putting your home address on your business card isn’t a smart business idea. You can instead choose to make that favorable first impression on your prospective clients by either renting a post office box in a posh business locality or employing services of a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.

Greater Productivity

Having a virtual office is a lot like working in a traditional workplace provided you condition your mind to having your employees scattered all over the globe. A virtual office helps transcend the barrier of physical location and time. For instance, a person setting up a virtual office in the US can hire employees based in Europe, Australia or Asia. Since your employees too are operating from the comfort of their homes, you don’t have to deal with human resource issues, office politics, or granting leaves to your employees.

Work on the Go

Your business venture may entail frequent travels to different locations to meet new clients. During the initial stages of a business venture, it is equally important to oversee the day-to-day operations at your work place. A virtual office allows you to carry your work place with you where ever you travel, ruling out the probability of your travel commitments interfering with the smooth functioning of your office. All you need is a working internet connection, a laptop and a cell phone. A virtual office not only allows you to stay in touch and oversee business operations during business travels but also during vacations and family holidays.

Branching Out

Once you have established a strong foundation for your business venture, you can easily take on the initiative of branching out to different cities. In fact, the idea of going global by setting up branches in different countries isn’t too far fetched either. You can easily set up virtual branches of your office by renting a post office box or hiring a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency in the chosen destination. All you need is one trusted employee in the city or country you are eyeing to venture into.

For a Good Cause

In the times when issues such as pollution and fuel consumption remain a cause of concern for environmentalists across the globe, setting up a virtual office can serve as a means to contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint. When you employ people to work from home, there are that many fewer people traveling by trains, buses or cars to reach their work places. This means a decrease in consumption of fuel and reduction in harmful emissions from vehicles.


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