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6 Things Recruiters Look at on Your Resume in 6 seconds

Updated on October 6, 2012
Six seconds is not a very long time, thus, it is important that you know how to use it to your advantage. A need, therefore, for a clean and easy-to-read visual resume layout should be taken into account.
Six seconds is not a very long time, thus, it is important that you know how to use it to your advantage. A need, therefore, for a clean and easy-to-read visual resume layout should be taken into account. | Source

A research on recruiter’s behavior have undermines crucial findings that significantly caused why some resumes went astray and most job seekers didn't even stood a chance to get an interview. We might not be aware of it, but “recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume”, the research revealed.

Six Eye-Catchers in Six Seconds

So what do recruiters look at in your resume in six seconds before they decide if they would dig deeper on what you have to say or dump your resume? In this precious six seconds that recruiters spend on your resume, the research results showed that they look at the following information:

  1. Your Name

  2. Current title and company

  3. Current position start and end dates

  4. Previous title and company

  5. Previous start and end dates

  6. Education

Six seconds is not a very long time, thus, it is important that you know how to use it to your advantage. A need, therefore, for a clean and easy-to-read visual resume layout should be taken into account. Some elements may be distracting and by all means, you wouldn't want the recruiter struggling to find the most relevant information in your resume.

Making Every Second Counts

Take the time to review your resume and scan the six eye-catchers mentioned above. Below are some pointers you could use to review your resume and make sure that you have highlighted the main points to seize the precious six seconds with a potential employer.

Update information.

Is your current and previous employment history updated and error-free? Are your education details complete? But of course, your resume should be brought up to date, especially if you move from one employment to another, where information on your previous and current employments plays a huge factor to you being considered for the job.

Resume layout.

The manner in which the information are arranged and presented in your resume is also vital. Resume structure, design and style should be considered when making your resume. While there is no single layout for every resume, a job seeker should take into account that the six main points above are readily seen and that the design should make an impact on the recruiter. Choose a professional layout but make it also to a point that it is still easy to read.

Formatting your resume.

Choose the appropriate fonts and font size when working on your resume. You could better highlight your name and current designation by using titles and headings accordingly. Observe also enough spacing between lines to create a breathable look on your resume. You might lose your six-second chance to better flaunt what you could offer and lose your chance on winning the job.

Scan in Six Seconds

Well-prepared resumes score a better chance to move into the interview phase, or better yet, win the job. Have a quick look at your resume, and in the quick six seconds, be objective enough to see and evaluate if the main points you see are the things that would increase your chances of getting hired. Share with us in the comments what flaws and good points you've seen and how would you correct it.


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      5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your advice


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