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6 Things To Do About Your Personality To Create A Bigger Societal Impact

Updated on November 23, 2017

It is possible you have never paused to really assess yourself. It is also possible that you have never given a thought to what people think of you.

These two scorecards are very important factors in the type of impact you are making in the society.

How people view you speaks volumes about the type of opportunities you get in life and a positive assessment definitely enhances your chances of being among the people who call the shots in the society.

A negative assessment, on the other hand, relegates you and everything you do to the background.

Most often, the amount you have stashed away in the bank has nothing to do with your personality. It more or less depends on certain attributes you have acquired over the years.

Below are 6 things to do to improve your personality and create a bigger societal impact.

1. Watch your dress sense

Most times what attract people to you even for the first time is how you are dressed.

Nobody on earth says that you must be bedecked in a 21 karat gold from head to toes, but the simple truth is that whatever you put on should be neat, fitting, and not necessarily out of vogue.

You don’t need to attract unnecessary attention with what you put on for it the be “good enough.”

You must also learn to dress appropriately for different occasions, you can’t afford to look odd in the midst of people. You are not Santa Claus or a mannequin.

2. Refine your clique

The kind of company you keep tells so much of the type of person you are. Remember the wise saying, “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.”

If you hang out with the baddies of this earth, people will definitely see you as one. There is this other saying, “Birds of same feather flock together.”

Nobody will want to assign any responsibility to you if you are considered a dreg of the society.

You can only create an impact when you are accepted by the society, and that will be when you have a commendable personality.

3. Improve your charisma

Some people have the wrong notion that being charismatic is hereditary. That is, you must have acquired the trait from your parents. This an absolute balderdash.

Being charismatic is an art. You can work at it. It is something you can learn, and you don’t need two heads to do it.

As a charismatic person, you will find it rather easy to mix up and be acceptable to the generality of people.

4. Improve your communication

What you void out from your mouth to a large extent determines the kind of person you are. Attentive people will learn of the kind of person you are from your choice of words.

It will be very difficult for people to assign a great degree of responsibility to you if you are the vulgar type. It is generally believed that what you say is what you have conceived in your mind.

People with culture are viewed as those who have a solid home training and are usually accorded high respect in the society.

What you say portrays your personality and is in tandem with the social impact you make.

5. Cultivate philanthropism

Philanthropism is one sure ticket to making a resounding impact in the society. Don’t be one of those who believe that before you can do a philanthropic act you must be reeking and rolling in money.

You need to know that you can be philanthropic in little things. In those things you know how to do best no matter how small they may seem.

Right from rendering free services every once in awhile to visiting the sick and looking out for the homeless, there is a wide range of philanthropic acts to engage in to impact positively on the life of someone secretly watching and following your footsteps.

Businesses that offer freebies, giveaways, promos, special discounts or free products like this WordPress theme provider that offers its best landing page themes for free, such businesses often find it easier to build an audience around their business and also make more sales.

That’s to say, cultivating philanthropism genuinely will never drive you poor. Instead, it’ll help you become a better you and open more channels for wealth to flow in.

6. Employ humility in all endeavors

Humility is a virtue that is so much coveted. Very few people will want to have anything to do with you if you are arrogant.

On the other hand, if you are humble you will see people flocking to your side and doing your bidding. Arrogance in some quarters is viewed as a scourge.

With the above 6 attributes exhibited, you definitely won’t have a problem in many areas of life and you’ll effortless impact positively on others because it’s only with a likable personality that people will want to follow in your footsteps.

© 2017 Mark Robinson


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