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10 Top Reasons For Small And Mid Sized Businesses to use Mobile Apps

Updated on April 2, 2014

We´ve Got An App For That

Here are the top 10 reasons for using mobile apps

  1. Apps Improve Productivity
  2. Apps Have Security Benefits
  3. Mobile Apps Deliver Better Client Support
  4. Mobile Apps Can Help Get Data on Your Clients’ Actions
  5. Mobile apps can save your business money
  6. Clients want apps that make their lives easier and more comfortable
  7. Mobile Apps Build Client Relationships
  8. Mobile App Usage On the Rise
  9. Millions of smartphone users rely on mobile apps every day
  10. The development of mobile apps is increasing exponentially

Mobile customers love to use apps.

You can look at anyone’s mobile phone and see that they have probably downloaded dozens of apps and use them all the time No matter if it is an app to check the weather or one to check a price, mobile apps are everywhere. That’s why it’s vital for your business to have one or more mobile apps.
Apps are usually simple and easy to download, install and use. You don’t have to configure them or wait hours for them to install like some desktop software. That’s why they work so well to help build a business’ brand, as well as help keep your customers’ loyal and gain the attention of new and potential customers.

The Reasons In Detail

1. Apps Improve Productivity

Believe it or not, mobile apps can help to improve your employee’s productivity. For instance, if they have an app that helps them to get to meetings on time, submit their time card information, or manage other aspects of their job, it makes things faster and easier and builds employee morale. Therefore it is a good idea to develop apps not only for your potential customers and clients, but also to help make your employee’s lives better and their workplaces more effective.

2. Apps Have Security Benefits

If an employee or one of your clients downloads a mobile app then it is usually much more secure than regular software. This is because mobile apps don’t normally store sensitive information on the smartphone itself. So, if you lose your phone, you won’t have to worry about that mobile app causing a security breach. In fact, in some cases the mobile app can even be removed remotely by some IT departments. This makes customers more likely to want to download mobile apps rather than buying computer software.
Cost Effective

3. Mobile apps can save your business money

because they cost far less than expensive computer software products for your company. A great example is that nowadays many doctors use mobile apps on a tablet they can carry around from patient to patient. These contain diagnostic apps and other ways to help them to work with their patients in a more efficient manner. So, they both save the company money and help save your employees time. It is a lot less costly to develop and put out mobile apps than to deal with your company having to buy more computers, more software, and to maintain those new computers, than to just have something the employee can download to a smart phone they likely already own.

The Easy Way

Your Customers Are Mobile

Is Your Business?

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3 More Reasons

4. Mobile Apps Deliver Better Client Support

Having good customer support is vital to any business. A mobile app is a great way to give that support instantaneously. It provides your customers a way to communicate in a new and more efficient manner than the old fashioned phone calls or letters. Instead, they can use your app and get their needs met quickly and simply. Modern customers expect this ease of communication and if your company isn’t providing it, then you are going to lose customers and not gain them.

5. Mobile Apps Can Help Get Data on Your Clients’ Actions

You can also use a mobile app to see how your clients are using your products and services. You can design an app for your business that gets information on thing your customer likes, dislikes, put in surveys to find out things like their jobs, ages, spending habits, where they live, etc. All of this is great data for future marketing plans. The best thing is that the customers you get to opt into your lists via your mobile app are the ones that truly have a desire to do so, since they are doing it on their own and not due to some junk email they got on their desktop computer.

6. Clients want apps that make their lives easier and more comfortable.

If your business’ mobile app provides them ways to do things regarding your business in an easier fashion, then they will want to download your mobile apps to do so. They can interact with your company on a second’s notice just by picking up their smart phone. This is great for any business.

The conclusion is that if you own a business, you need a mobile app to go with it.

There is no way around it!

Mobile Apps are extremely effective

If you are considering developing a mobile app or if you already own a mobile website, then you may wonder is mobile apps are really effective for Internet marketing. The answer is a big fat YES! If you are using mobile apps, then they are extremely effective if used properly for many reasons.

7. The use and development of mobile apps is increasing exponentially
due to the fact that almost everyone either has a smartphone or some type of mobile phone that can run the various apps available. There are thousands and thousands of mobile apps for everything from price checks to banking or playing games. If you consider to build your own mobil app for your business, is one of the best resources on how to build apps.

8. Money Making Strategies with Mobile Apps

There are two ways that mobile apps will help you to make a profit through Internet marketing. These are either creating a mobile app yourself that is needed by your customers or by getting associated with an existing mobile app in some way, such as with banner or text adverts.

Even if you develop a mobile app and give it away for free, you can still make money from it. This can be done by displaying ads within the mobile app that relate to the subject matter of the app or by providing a free version of a mobile app that has less features than the upgraded version does so that customers can try the free one and then may end up buying the upgrade.

If you run an ad on your website or blog for a mobile app and it gets purchased or downloaded, then you will make a certain percentage, depending on the ad company. This may also help your blog or website to gain traffic as well, which could also help you to earn a profit.

Get Ready

Build Client Relationships

9. Mobile Apps Will Build Client Relationships

Mobile apps are a type of permission based marketing that can help your business to get more in touch and build relationships with your clients. They can help you to build your brand name without being extremely aggressive or pushy since the client makes their own decision to download your particular mobile app, and you can then use it to help them get more familiar with your business.
For example, if you own a retail store, you can offer a free mobile app that helps the customer know the current sales, costs, or helps them to locate the desired item in your store. These help build brand loyalty, which can turn into them also going to your Internet marketing online and buying things. Then you have hooked them as customers and will gain profits.

Best of all, this type of marketing for your company is not expensive, plus it’s easy to do and since it is a mobile app, it can reach customers all over the world and not just in your neighborhood. Mobile apps, along with mobile websites, are predicted to become the dominant type of advertising by 2015, according to studies now being done. So, if you don’t have either, then your business could be in trouble in the future.

10. Mobile App Usage On the Rise

Mobile apps usage and development is rising steadily. That is fantastic if you own a mobile website and have a mobile app or two. It is a very effective form of advertising and the price is good for most business owners too. This is because more and more people everywhere are starting to use smartphones for almost everything from texting their friends to buying things online, and for that they need mobile apps to do it.

Apps Facts

Hard Fact is that millions of smartphone users rely on mobile apps every day to entertain them, to help them to communicate, to buy things, and to do many other daily tasks. This means that businesses need to have a mobile app ready for their clients.

There Is An App For Everything

Business In Need

In addition, more and more businesses are getting mobile websites and as these mobile websites grow, there is a need for more mobile apps to use with them. This ensures that in the future there is going to be an even bigger market for mobile apps and mobile websites, which will in turn help Internet Marketers make a bigger profit.

Mobile Apps For Businesses

5 stars for Mobile Apps Made Easy


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