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6 Ways to Boost Adwords account

Updated on July 11, 2014

Boost performance on an established Adwords account

Search engine optimization can be intimidating for many small business owners, but there are no shortcuts or formulas to avoid adhering to SEO Best Practices for your site. If you manage multiple AdWords accounts you may find yourself pressed for time with some large accounts taking several hours to optimize. Here are some I take to ensure “quick wins” on my client paid search account.

  1. Make sure your conversion tracking is set up correctly - If initial results look too good to be true or your not seeing your campaign conversions, 1st thing to do is to see if conversion code is being applied properly. If you’re currently not using conversions tracking its important that you do so, to add conversion tracking to your campaign; go to tools---à conversions. If your statuses appear as unverified in Tracking Status or no conversions reported within 30 days, your conversion code may be missing on the page. If you see an unusual conversion rate increase -50% or more- it could be a sign your conversion code is on the landing page instead of the “thank you” page after a customer sale or lead form has been completed.
  2. Run keyword reporting - If conversion tracking is placed properly and your seeing clicks but no conversions go to your “keywords” tab -à details à search terms -à All, this will show the search terms your ads are showing for. When you’re bidding for “broad match terms” this is critical since your ads could be showing for unrelated terms. Google listing unrelated products or services is common and can easily be eliminated by clicking on the “add as a negative keyword button”. When the keyword is not relevant to the entire campaign, you can add it as a “campaign negative keyword”. If the keyword could work for some ad groups but not others, you can just add it as a negative keyword for that ad group.

Next Step

  1. Check to make sure your campaign is not opted into the display network – By default AdWords auto-selects search networks with display select, so make sure to update it to just search network only.
  2. Check for broken links and make sure all links on your ads and ad extensions are current and functioning. There is nothing worse than losing money and potential clients due to a slip up like broken links.
  3. Look at your “Dimensions tab” – Set your time frame for the last 4 months and look at the dimensions report to review how your campaign is performing during certain times of the month and day. You can then take this information and use it to set a custom schedule with bid adjustments by hour day or month, changing bids up or down depending on performance.

Matt Cutts talks about the importance of Adwords & SEO Myths

Look at keyword performance – Go to your keywords tab and select a time frame of at least 3 months and look over keyword performance, you may notice keywords that have obtained conversions at a lower cost per conversion. Try increasing bids by $1-$2 on these keywords and monitor their performance over the next few weeks for any changes. If other keywords maintain a sub-$100 cost over a 3-month period, increase bids for these keywords and monitor as well. If a keyword has spent over $300 in the past 3 months without conversions, pause and research keywords further.

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