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7 Quick More Than SEO Tricks To Increase Website Traffic

Updated on December 19, 2013

SEO means making your website technically well oriented, optimised and then filling it with high quality contents. Its very common misconception about SEO that, using perfect keywords, writing better meta data, making quality backlinks to the website will rank any website well. Most bloggers think, their website is fully optimised and now they will get floods of traffic on writing each quality contents.

Alright, that's true up to a certain extent. But if you are more serious about traffic generation of your website or want to go beyond your competitors you have to do more than SEO and writing quality contents. In this article we will discuss what we can do to generate more traffic than doing SEO.

Do More Than Traditional SEO Jobs :

Here I am trying to write about something other than traditional SEO From my personal experiences, its equally important as normal SEO tasks are. If you are doing these already, that's awesome, if not ! please take a quick action to do everything listed bellow, for a better result. We will see all things in two broad categories, Quick Technical Tips and Advanced Tips To Spread Your Content.

Technical Things To Do

1. Install Google Webmaster Tool.

We will need a separate blog to explain Google webmaster, that is not part of this post. Google webmaster is system that let you know what and how google search engine boat see, when it crawls your website. You can manually fetch your new published url to be indexed faster than usual by Google and many more.

Its very simple to install webmaster tool, you only have to add a small code in header section of your website. If you are WordPress user it becomes more easy by using a proper plugin. Don't forget to submit a sitemap url to improve your index rate.


Have You Installed Google Webmaster On your Website ?

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2. Verify Google Authorship.

This is very popular trend that most of the probloggers are using, but still there are many who are not getting this benefit. Gurus are still arguing this is not a ranking factor, at same time they believe this may affect ranking. If its not ranking factor, but it will increase click through rate of your search result, and hence increase traffic.

Its not so much technically tough that, you should ignore it. To verify Google authorship you can follow this instruction of Google Authorship. Again if you are WordPress user all things will become more easier for you.

3. Utilise Verified Google Publisher.

Verified Google publisher is just like Google authorship for your blog, it increases your authority and branding in search result. Connect your Google+ business page with search result that will appear on right side of Google search page. It will show your recent post, followers and branding as verified publisher. It will also help your blog to be followed by thousands of Google+ user and hence traffic generation.

Nothing is to do more than add a very little HTML code in header section of your website as a verified publisher. Remember if your website is verified by webmaster then it become more easier to connect your Google+ page, just click on verify button on about page of Google+, this will send a verification email to your webmaster account, click on accept and it was done.

Otherwise add this in your blog's header :

<link href="" rel="publisher" />

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons On your Blog Posts.

Making post social is proven Technique to get high amount of traffic even before search engine index your post. Add social media sharing buttons above and bellow your blog post, that will let your reader to share with their network. If you want to target millions of active user to find your website, you have to use it. Recommended buttons are - Facebook Like, Tweet, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Digg, you can add more according to your wish.

Addthis, Sharethis and many more tools are available to do this precious job. You can add manually, ease depends on your CMS platform.

Advanced SEO Tips- Spread Your Content

Search engine will love your contents and will give them a higher rank, if it will be useful for more and more people. Its very popular phrase : "Search engine will love your words, if it was loved by people". Even Matt Cutts have explained this point many time. So to make your article search engine friendly, its important to spread your content as much as you can. There are thousands of blogs writing on same niche with better SEO optimised data, if you want to go ahead from them, you can use this technique to increase your popularity more than others. Hence this will help you to increase traffic and search rank as well.

5. Automatise Social Bookmarking.

Automatising social bookmarking mean automatically publish your post to hundreds of bookmarking and other search engine via feed submission. As you update your blog, this tool will publish url with post excerpt on various network. This can bring a flood of traffic for your website, ultimately this activity will also derive Google's attention towards your website, and hence will improve SOE rank of your blog.

Be careful in selecting automatised Social bookmarking service, Using free service may produce spam, paid service is always recommended. You have to do a Google search to find best one for you.


6. Make Your Own Branded Community.

Social connections is not enough to build an effective online community. You have to do more than this, so that more and more people will know about your blog and hence will increase blog popularity.

Write personal emails to a targeted list of professional people in your niche, who can see your blog, give you feedback, suggest you to do more and most important they will become a part of your community. Other than this you should collect subscriber email on your blog from first day of your blog was published. This will help you to communicate your updates to your own subscriber and hence will help you to improve traffic in turn SEO rank.


7.Go Offline and Spread Your Voice.

Its very different thing you will ask "how offline promotion will improve your traffic or SEO ?". But if you look into deep effect of offline ways of spreading your work, it can improve your traffic and SEO too. I am not saying go only one day, one week or one month. I mean whenever you get extra time discuss about your blog and work in offline community, may be you will find a network that you could not discover online.

This will improve your popularity among your offline community, may be 5 out of 10 will visit your blog, share on social network, let other people to know about your work and hecnce it will increase significant amount of traffic gradually and hence SEO as well.

Bottom Line.

Hope this will help you to make your blog more popular along with using traditional SEO techniques. These are not everything, you can do always more than this. Stay connected with quality guidelines and community, make your blog more popular than your can, ultimately you will achieve a higher goal in increasing traffic your website.

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