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7 Tips for Dealing with Work at Home and Digital Isolation

Updated on September 9, 2010

7 Tips for Dealing with Work at Home Isolation

Due to the internet, communicating with the office and even freelancing are now convenient and more prevalent. Due to this more and more people are working from home and this trend will continue to rise. If you previously had or are working in a busy office, you’re likely to feel alone from time to time when working from home.

You’ll need to give yourself a normal sanity or insanity check by taking time each week to get human contact. You will need to do it prior before negligible feelings of loneliness develop into a real depression. So let’s learn some tips on how to get the support you require for fending off those feelings of isolation.

At Home Jobs and being lonley

What to do to Avoid Digital Isolation

1) Stay Connected with Others

The more connective outlets you have and the easier it is to make contact people and increase the likelihood that people will contact you:

  • Skype and videoconferencing make group work possible. Keep you contact details up to date so you can be easily reached
  • Your email signature should have complete contact details, so that every message you send reminds people of the various ways they can get in touch
  • Try to have separate home and business phone lines. This way you can have a professional message on your business line

2) Going to social functions or training seminars

Attend your office social events; they are a perfect way of staying in touch. Grace with your presence as many events as you can. Parties, product launches, and birthday celebrations are an ideal opportunity to meet new employees.

Likewise, attending relevant training sessions and visiting the office from time to time just to stay in the loop. Remind your co-workers to invite you to meetings that you might not have been included in.

Take some accountability and initiative to find out about company functions and to attend the ones you can. No one will look out for you as well as you can.

3) Find people in your area who also work from home

Whether telecommuting or working from home, if you don’t know others in similar circumstances build your own network of similarly positioned people. Try hanging out at the local wifi coffee shop, that can put you in contact with others. With the rising trend of people switching from office to home based employment, they tend to gravitate to restaurants and coffee shops. Mix your visit times that way you will meet a variety of people.

4) Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

People who work from home are very self-reliant and resourceful in doing their work. They tend to prefer solving their problems alone. If you are like me, you may also be acquainted with the tendency to accept all the pressure and to be strong. Make sure you confide in people you trust and realize you may need help from time to time—this isn’t a sign of weakness.

What you will want to Avoid

1) Do not overburden your partner

When you work at home and your partner works in an office, you may see your end of the day routines are out of sync. You being at home have spent the day without anyone to share your thoughts with, and look forward to a meaningful conversation. Your partner might be feeling exhausted by the demands of their workplace and may just want to be left alone. Talk to your partner and decipher a new way to meet each other’s needs

2) You become too distracted

Now that people know you are working from home they may show up too often and stay for too long. The solution is to be balanced. Create expectations about how you use your time; you will want to reduce unnecessary disturbances without discouraging them. Read about personal time management techniques to help you set suitable boundaries.

3) Creating an email fiasco

Working from home sometimes people will replace a telephone call with an email and this result in endless amounts of messages when a simple call could replace them. Even though you can have power over when you respond to emails and they seem easy enough to manage, they will never take the place of real one to one human communication

work at home jobs

Working from home can be a dream and with that dream comes the need to e aware of the nightmares. Stay connected with others by attending social events and don’t take on too much. You’ll want to avoid become too distracted and overburdening your partner but remember you are no longer restricted to a desktop computer at home; you can take your laptop out to a restaurant or coffee shop! The change of scene recreates the workplace environment without the responsibility and constraints of being supervised at work


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    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 

      8 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Good stuff that I plan to use for it is hard for me to get use to the isolation that can happen when you are freelance!


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