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7 Wonderful Tips for Group Job Interview

Updated on June 14, 2012

Group interviews are becoming more and more common these days amongst recruiters and head hunters. The simple reason behind this is there are several candidates applying for the same job and scrutinizing each of them one by one is not only time consuming for recruiters but is also a costly affair. So they make groups of people and arrange for a group interview to quickly eliminate the average candidates and identify the leaders.

Always keep in mind during a group interview recruiters are looking for some specific qualities like, leadership qualities, initiative taking ability and the ability to take the correct decision at the right time. During a group interview you will also be scrutinized for your etiquettes and communication skill. To help you crack the group interview like a professional we have listed down couple of helpful tips. Read on to understand how you can stand out amongst the crowd.

1- Introduction: During a group interview as there are almost 20+ people seated together. A quick introductory question could be asked, to introduce your profile to other interviewers and candidates. This is your first chance to impress. Prior to the interview, prepare for yourself a 2 to 3 lines of introduction which clearly tells about you and your most important skill sets along with work experience, directly related to the job profile. This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and showcase your abilities and strengths.

2- Research! About the Company: As always I would again like to emphasize on doing your homework prior to the interview. Which ideally means taking a look at company website to understand their current achievements, mission statement and what the company is all about? You can also research their name online to check out their social profile and see what their latest accomplishments our and who are some of the most important people of the company. This small research will come in very handy all through out the interview process. You will be in a better position to understand what interviewers are saying and trying to relate it to. Not just that you can even give answers to their questions well aligned with the companies overall mission statement.

3- Dress Appropriately: Like for any other face to face job interview, it is absolutely important to dress professionally for a group job interview. Wear attire which helps you look more confident and self-aware. Avoid wearing jeans and t-shirts. Make sure if you have tattoos they are not visible. There is no big turnoff than tattoos showing up.

4- Bring Resume Copies: If possible prior to the group job interview, enquire who all will be in the interviewer’s panel. If you can get their name even better. Make sure to carry a copy of your resume for each one of them. You never know they might ask for your resume. It is always better to go prepared.

5- Speak When you Get Chance: In a group interview all candidates want their voice to be heard. It is even possible that some candidate start arguing. This is an opportunity for you to clam them and sort out a mid solution for both the parties. It is quiet possible that the interviewers might ask if any of you want to ask any question. Grab the opportunity and ask a question, related to company’s profile or company milestones. For this you are required to do some before hand research and get ready with 2 to 3 good questions which you might want to ask the interviewers.

6- Arrive Early: Not just for group interview but also for other face to face interview. It is always a safe bet to arrive 5 to 10 minutes in advance. This gives you a chance to calm your nerves and relax. Last minute rush will not only make you look clumsy but also give a negative impression.

7- Say Thank You: Once the group job interview is over, do not forget to say thanks to each of the interviewers. Also take their email address or contact information so that you can drop a quick thank you note later.


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