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7 rules of complaint management

Updated on September 16, 2009
by sylvar
by sylvar


The guest/customer complaining should be isolated from the area of possible.  Moving them away from the scene ensures any the anger associated with the scene is dissipated and keeps the other customers from becoming a part of the complaint.

Sit Them Down

You cannot scream, shout and rant if you are sitting down. try it.

get the complaining guest/customer to sit down if possible

it will slow their heart rate and get them off the peak noise level & the angry hand gestures.

Take Notes

Once you have sat them down, ask about the incident and what it is that is making them this agitated.

Take notes while you are listening.

Taking notes is beneficial in more ways than one.  It will make sure that you get all the details. this will ensure you dont need to go back to the customer for details later.

it will also slow them down.  one cannot write as fast as another speaks (until unless you use shorthand) and therefore most speakers will slow down so as to ensure you get all the details.

third, it will get the message across that you are serious about resolving or assisting the customer.

Offer to do Something Only if you can

Customers aren't stupid. they know that people today have specific roles, responsibilities and therefore by that extension powers.  if you do not have the power or the authority to do anything about the situation, do not make any false/empty promises.

Instead, ensure you tell them that you will bring this to the right authorities attention.

However if you can do something, tell them you can and tell them what you intend to do about it.

Set A Deadline

And commit to it.

People want to know what you will do and by when. 

so if you can do something and you intend to do something about the compliant, tell the customer by when you will do it.

Revert According to the Deadline

This is so important.

If you promised to do something by a certain time, please ensure either you accomplish that, or get back to the guest about the current status by the deadline you set.

If you do not maintain this, you will certainly loose credibility.

Seek Feedback

You may think you have done good, the guest may not.

Ask for feedback. the more detailed the better.


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