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8 Ways To Get Coaching Clients

Updated on December 22, 2010

Get Coaching Clients Using Internet Technologies

How to leverage all the internet resources at your disposal to maximize your client base!
How to leverage all the internet resources at your disposal to maximize your client base!

You have the training. You have the desire. But what you don't have is a big client list! It is a battle all coaches face at some point in their career.

Luckily, these 8 internet resources can help every coach maximize their exposure and grow their client base:

  1. Twitter: Tweet Now or Tweet Later. If you haven't heard of Twitter yet, welcome to 2009! The basic idea of Twitter is that you follow others (Tweople) some of whom follow you back. You build up a base of loyal readers and tweet-cred. You can offer your expertise and engage in online conversations with your followers. If you are not sure what the meaning is of some Twitter word (tword?), check out for all the latest lingo!

  2. Facebook: Fan Pages, Friends and Ads. Leverage your current group of friends by starting a fan page for them to join. Encourage them to invite their extended circle with an original contest or interactive survey. If you have the budget, Ads on Facebook offer some of the most targeted segments of people anywhere on the internet. But be prepared to bring your wallet!

  3. Write Killer Articles: Here is your chance to show your potential client base that you are on the top of the coaching game! Submit your articles to high-traffic sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Ezine. You can even generate some revenue by getting your readers to click on ads on your articles (hint!).

  4. Hang Out In Known Locations: Join discussion groups and forums related to coaching. Great places to get started are LinkedIn and Yahoo Groups. You can also get connected on cutting-edge coaching webpage Noomii. The important part is that potential clients will know where to go looking for you because you are a part of a larger community.

  5. Search Engine Optimization: The gift that keeps on giving! Assuming you have your own page, you need to optimize the on-page factors and write content that gets linked to and referenced. If you do not have your own page, join a larger network of professionals that have someone else handling the task. SEO is a tricky game. If you don't know the rules you are better off joining someone who does. Although the SEO effort is front-loaded, the results can come on the back-end for years to come. SEO can be a huge long-term win!

  6. Paid Search: On Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you can't organically get to the top of search results, in the short term you can always buy your way onto the first page. Google has about 60-70% of the search market share with Yahoo and Bing splitting the majority of the remainder. The Yahoo/Bing Merger will bring a credible alternative to Google. Advertising on Google can be expensive, so start with low bids and a small amount of money until you get your feet wet. This might be the biggest tip of this article: Advertising on Bing can be a huge win. Most Bing users are using the search engine because it is the default on Internet Explorer (those who know better, use Google!). Bing users are not very internet savvy and will be less likely to do an extensive search before settling on a coach. Get to them first and there is no chance for your competition!

  7. Join Your Local ICF: Every major city in North America has an International Coach Federation branch. Most branches are active with monthly meetings that will keep you abreast of the latest coaching techniques, trends and coach training. With an ICF membership you also get a listing in the main directory. However, you will probably have to pay extra to get into the local ICF listing. Both of these directories carry large degrees of credibility with potential clients. Whether or not you actually get clients directly through this listing, potential clients may research you before selecting you as a coach.

  8. Directory Listings: Here is where you can get some real traction. Directory listings get you found through optimized SEO. But you can also get a link back to your personal page from a credible source that will boost the performance of your page in the search rankings, a double score.

Getting clients can be difficult for coaches. Following these simple tips will ensure that you have the upper hand on your competition and maximize your client base.

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    • profile image

      YourCoach 7 years ago

      Thanks for this article.

      I find that SEO is quite good for attracting people, but your pages need to be very interactive and attractive to actually get customers from it.

      The strongest remains word-of-mouth we find. We try to activate our clients by staying in touch, sending out a newsletter and offering value on the blog and through social media.

      Like you say: writing killer articles is an amazing way to attract people. I just heard yesterday of someone I'd never heard of who contacted a colleague on my blog roll. When my colleague asked how the person had found her, she said through the YourCoach blog and how much she enjoyed reading it. Now I'll be giving a training to her together with the colleague!

      For me, a golden rule is to give something really valuable, no need to hold back. Many people are afraid of giving away their value, but that's not really possible. It's not what you know, but the way you say and do it that makes you valuable. Don't you think?

    • get clients profile image

      get clients 8 years ago

      You make a good point about bing search Jesse - and it's typically cheaper per click than google. It's certainly a good low cost testing ground for campaigns before you launch them on google.


    • Jesse Gardner profile image

      Jesse Gardner 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I approved your comment... you got your link in...

      But next time, try to get the name of the author right!


    • profile image

      Leen Lambrechts 8 years ago

      Thank you Jane for these suggestions.

      I want to add a tip:

      I recently attended a webinar from Jan Vermeiren - How to really use Linked In. He wrote a book about this and offers a free light version of it on:

      I feel that new clients usually come through referals.

      And another easy way is to sell coaching as a 'normal' complement to training or to consulting in companies.

      Greetz. Leen