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8 Ways You Can Deal with Carpal Tunnel

Updated on July 14, 2012

Carpal tunnel is just one of many repetitive stress injuries one can acquire from long hours at the computer. Fortunately, this stress injury is preventable and even if you are already experiencing its early symptoms, you can still reverse the effects of carpal tunnel.

The eight (8) tips below will help you stop carpal tunnel and all other forms of RSI in its tracks.

1. Maintain ergonomic positions when using the computer.

If you feel a slight aching feeling around your wrist, chances are, you are experiencing the early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or a certain repetitive stress injury. When your wrist begins to twitch and ache, the first thing you should do is to change your seating posture and maintain a balanced or neutral ergonomic position at work.

What is an ergonomic position?

This term is often used to refer to a neutral and proper seating and typing position. Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground as you type or if your seat is too high, use a foot pedestal. Make sure your keyboard is slightly below your waist and when typing, your hands should not be too high or above your waistline.

The Ergonomic Position

2. Use wrist braces.

A wrist brace is helpful if you want to make typing a more comfortable experience. You can get a wrist brace from any drugstore or if you want a high quality wrist brace, get one from computer shops. There are wrist braces built specifically for a certain computer keyboard or brand.

3. Switch hands from time to time when using the mouse.

If you are right handed and tend to use the mouse with your right hand, learn to use the mouse with your left-hand and switch hands from time to time. Doing so will help you reduce the strain on your left hand and strengthen your left-hand in the process. Who knows, you might also learn how to become ambidextrous as you practice how to use both your hands when handling the mouse.

4. Learn Dvorak.

Learning Dvorak is not difficult but it is time-consuming. Invest time off your weekends and learn how to handle the Dvorak keyboard if you want to make typing a more enjoyable and less painful experience. Learning Dvorak will also help you become a faster and more accurate typist.

Why Should you Choose Dvorak?

5. Rest your hands and wrist from time to time.

Resting is an effective way to stop inflammation, albeit temporarily. Taking a break in between your work schedule allows your body to regain its energy. Use a timer to calculate how long you've been typing and if possible, do hand or wrist exercises during your break.

6. Drink fish oil to control any inflammation.

Carpal tunnel is commonly caused by an inflammation in your wrist and hands. This type of inflammation; however, is easily (yet temporarily) relieved by fish oil which is effective in controlling vein and muscle inflammation. When using the right type of fish oil, make sure to buy one in liquid or liquid-capsule form.

7. Use a smaller keyboard with average-sized keys.

The regular keyboard is wide, and not to mention, large and heavy. For avid computer users, it would be best to use a smaller and more lightweight keyboard that allows your hand to move across the desk freely. Also make sure that the keyboard does not take up majority of the space on your desk and there should be enough space for mouse movement.

8. Use an adjustable height desk.

It is not enough to find solutions to your carpal tunnel woes. If you are an avid computer user or a professional who is often seated in front of the computer, it is also important to find ergonomic solutions for your spine and posture.

Aside from carpal tunnel, another injury often brought about by sitting too much in front of the computer is RSI or Repetitive Stress Injuries. RSI, like carpal tunnel can be prevented and cured, but the first step to recovery is to change your sitting position or to change the computer peripherals you use at work.

One of many highly recommended products is an adjustable height desk. With this tool, you may choose to stay seated as you work or to stand up to prevent strain build-up in your legs.

Customize Your Workstation!

A one-size-fits-all workstation can cause RSI or Repetitive Stress Injuries. Customize your workstation today to get continuous relief from RSI and other stress injuries caused by uncomfortable computer desks, seats, and mice.

Visit for more tips on how to stop Carpal Tunnel in its tracks.

For more tools and tips to solve life's aches and pains, visit ErgonomicsMadeEasy for more ergonomic desks, ergonomic mice, and ergonomic chairs.
For more tools and tips to solve life's aches and pains, visit ErgonomicsMadeEasy for more ergonomic desks, ergonomic mice, and ergonomic chairs.


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