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8 Ways for Effective Time Management by 3 Female Experts

Updated on July 23, 2014
Do you have enough time?
Do you have enough time?

Do you have enough time?

Time is one of the most expensive commodities around and once it’s gone –it’s gone. Many times we find that we spend so much time that we have very little, if any, spare time. Fortunately, there is help all for those who need it and according to time management guru and author of ‘Never Check E-mails in the Morning’, Julie Morgenstern, you have to “get smarter” with the time you have.

Highlighted in this article are eight (8) tips from three (3) female experts; Morgenstern, Ruth Klein and Laura Stack, to help you take back control of your precious time.

Tips from the Experts

  1. Reprioritize. Morgenstern points out the fact that many of us put work first and says that we have to reprioritize or reverse our priorities. This means slotting in time for family, friends and ourselves first. Once this is accomplished we can then slot in business around it. This allows more time for family.

  2. Daily structure. Another pointer from Morgenstern is to have a daily schedule – and stick with it. She says as much as possible, devout the first part of the day to proactive tasks like report writing and the afternoons to things like emails and meetings. She also says that you have to get into the habit of telling your colleagues your daily structure – they will adapt to it.

  3. Plan ahead. She also says that planning ahead helps you to stay focused on frantic days. She says take ten minutes to review your schedule for the next couple of days and workout what you must do helps you to focus even when faced with sudden changes during the day.

  4. Get sorted. Ruth Klein, author of ‘Time Management Secrets for Working Women’ says that in order to prioritize properly, one can divide work into categories and arrange them in a certain order which allows easier access. The same can be done at home with bills etc. by arranging them in folders and checking them to see what has to be done i.e., bills to be paid, etc.

  5. The rule of twos. Klein also says you should only focus on two important tasks on the day rather than trying to do everything at once. This avoids overwhelming yourself and allows you to be more productive both in the office and at home.

  6. Email smarter. Another great tip she points out is to schedule times for checking emails instead of wasting hours doing this. She says:

    1. Login only four times a day;

    2. Minimize your response to multiple emails from a single person, and;

    3. Never check business emails after hours.

  7. Make more time. Author of ‘Find More Time’, Laura Stack, says that simply leaving a bit earlier than usual creates more time. She said ending the working day 30 minutes earlier or driving to work earlier that the usual time will save wasted time.

  8. Reality check. She also points out that time management isn’t simply a matter of creating extra time but a change of perspective. You have to change the way you look at your day and life and remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect.

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Getting smarter with your time will prove very productive in the long run. Not only will you find you are able to get more work done, you will also have more time to enjoy life with friends and family.

If you are one that finds there is not enough time to catch up with friends, going to the beach or having sex, then these tips are meant for you.


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