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9 Common Interview Questions Interviewers must never ask

Updated on February 27, 2017
Are you going to interview a candidate for the first time? Worried about how to frame a particular question without overstepping the mark? Or want to make sure that the questions to be asked do not seem over imposing. Whether it is your first interview or you are looking for a point of reference, ensure you are clear about following points:


Facebook profile

It is no secret that employers at a level often search about the candidate on different platforms, to get an idea of the candidate ahead of the interview. This is absolutely fine, but never mention about what you felt about them based on their social media presence. What they did last weekend is nothing to do with the job responsibilities they are going to handle the job.


Why should we hire you?

Instead of asking a candidate about the direct question and seeking an appropriate answer, ask him how his values, and experiences that will contribute towards the accomplishment of goals.

Personal attack

Avoid getting too personal with a candidate no matter which position you are interviewing them. It may make them feel uncomfortable.

What’s you race?

It is illegal for an interviewer to ask a question about someone’s race.


Never ask a question related to religion or religious holidays one enjoys.


Maiden name

An interviewer cannot discriminate on the basis of the gender of marital status. It is also inappropriate to ask if you have children or are planning one.

Is English your first language?

You cannot ask an employee if a particular language is his first language or not. Instead, you can judge it on the basis of fluency.

Do you socially smoke or consume alcohol?

As an employer, you cannot discriminate an employee on the basis of the use of cigarettes or alcohol, especially because the employee is not using it in the office premises.

Do you have an outstanding debt?

You cannot ask an employee if they have any outstanding debt or how they manage their fiancés. Neither can be a question related to their assets asked.



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