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9 Ultimate Wordpress Plugins to Get A Top Performing Website

Updated on September 26, 2016

For Earning Money Online

Wordpress has to be THE best software ever for people to create an instant website without too much knowledge. There is a small learning curve at the start, very small, and there's lots of help available for new users.

But, the awesome power of the free Wordpress plugins is ... well, just awesome!

I'll keep this in layman's terms because if you know about plugins you'll scan past here to the list - so this is for those of you that don't know and are keen to understand. Wordpress plugins are usually free, instantly downloadable and 99% of the time easy to install. If you have Wordpress installed then you simply download the plugin, upload it to your server, log into Wordpress, click a button and 99% of the time that's it. Any configuration that's needed is limited to a couple of fields inside the admin part of Wordpress and for most plugins it's really virtually impossible to go wrong!

So, what are my 9 Essential Wordpress plugins that I install right from the start of a new website?

Wordpress Plugins for a Top Performing Website
Wordpress Plugins for a Top Performing Website | Source

Wordpress Plugins: Google Sitemap Generator

Creating a google sitemap ensures that Google can find all your content. If doesn't know your postings exist then you stand no chance of them being served up as Search Results ... so this is a no-brainer if you want people to actually find your blog!

Wordpress Plugins: Backup. wp-db-backup

This backs up your Wordpress tables - or, in laymans terms, this is a backup of all your postings/comments, etc. A backup of your data.

With backup you can take an immediate backup, which you can have emailed directly to you, AND, you can set up a schedule so it emails you a backup every hour, or every day. I set it to email me a backup every day.

If ever something horrible happens to your site, then you will need to lay your hands on your backup very quickly to get your site up and running. I email my backups to my gmail account, and I leave them there, this means no matter where I am in the world when I realise the site's disappeared, I could theoretically instantly email the backup to anybody for them to fix it for me ... it's never happened to date, but if you don't take regular backups then it's bound to, that's Sod's Law!

Wordpress Plugins: Adsense Deluxe2. adsense-deluxe2

Adsense Deluxe2 allows you to control where in your Wordpress blog adsense adverts appear, but the reason I like it is it can be used to control other adverts too, from other companies. Sometimes the code that affiliate networks give to you to place in your posts simply doesn't work. The answer is to create a new advert inside adsense deluxe, drop the code in there and then use the simple line of code in your post to pull the advert in when and where you want it. Brilliant. The adsense code blocks also enable you to do full html formatting of any advert units by writing the html in the same box you place the advert code.

Wordpress Plugins: Amazon Affiliates. wp-amazon.

For Amazon affiliates, this great plug in allows you to browse Amazon for suitable products to link to as you're writing your blog entry. If you've ever thought about linking to a book/video/whatever on Amazon, you'll know that can wipe up to 20 minutes off your life while you log in, search, get the code..... unless your niche is exceedingly targetted this just isn't a good ROI on your time!

Wordpress Plugins: Post Teaser.

Instead of your whole posting showing, post teaser just displays the first words (you define how many), before inviting the reader to read more. The link says how many images are in the rest of the post and how long it estimates it would take the reader to read it! I use this because I found my postings were sometimes over 2000 words long!

Wordpress Plugins: Socialmarker Button.

This is great because not only is it a plugin, but if you've just got a website there's copy/paste code that you drop onto your website to achieve the same effect. This Wordpress plugin puts a button into every posting you make, enabling your readers to socially bookmark any of your content. No configuration either!

Wordpress Plugins: Link Cloaker.

When you type in your affiliate links this plug in completely cloaks them. This frees up your time manually cloaking every link you ever type. Simply type a url and it cloaks the lot. In the setup you choose whether you want it to cloak absolutely everything, or you can choose to cloak only individual links, which requires you to insert a comment line in your html view of your posting where the url to be cloaked starts and ends. This saves me hours!

Wordpress Plugins: Multi page

If you have a long article, it's sometimes nice to have it spread across several pages. But not several posts! This nifty plugin allows you to create pages within a single posting.

So, that's it, 9 Ultimate Wordpress Plugins for eanring money online. The only issue I have with this list is it was difficult to stop at 9! But I hope it will be of some use to somebody out there that's looking for a simple, nifty tool.

All of the above are easy to use, or I'd not be using them. So go on, check them all out. And good luck with your Wordpress blog!


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    • profile image

      fly scanner 

      6 years ago

      Have a lot of good information here. I really like every day to read them. I learned a lot of writing skills. Thanks so much to share this information. Greatly help to a novice like me. xyj

    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks ActiveY

      I use the All in One Wordpress plugin, but hadn't heard of CJNiche, I'll check that Wordpress plugin out and see what it does.

    • ActiveY profile image


      9 years ago

      i would also mention All in One SEO Pack- - for maximizing SEO results

      and CJniche- - for building CJ Niche Stores

      Both are free and my favorites

    • profile image

      china wholesale 

      9 years ago

      This is really cool, and I cannot wait to try it. I will have to spread the word.


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