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A Candid Review of Mobile Monopoly - Will You Get Your Money's Worth from Adam Horowitz's Mobile Marketing Tutorial?

Updated on May 20, 2011

Anyone hoping to generate income through internet marketing, but who has yet to see much in the way of results should consider Mobile Monopoly, which is a new training program launched by Adam Horowitz.

What is Included in Mobile Monopoly?

Basically, it consists of a full tutorial and training course which provides step by step information on generating income through the internet by developing and disseminating advertising to cellular phone subscribers.

What is the advantage of focusing on mobile phone audiences?

There is an easy explanation. At present, more than five billion individuals across the globe use mobile phones, and an increasing segment of that population is making the transition to smart phone technology. Modern cellular telephones function not merely as tools for traditional calling, but they also function as text, internet and multimedia platforms.

Anyone whose business enterprise offers products or services should consider how much of a boost to the balance should could be attained by promoting those offerings to several million potential customers.

The following are a few reasons while mobile telephone marketing is growing in popularity and effectiveness:

1. Admob, which is a mobile advertising platform, was recently purchased by Google for a sum of $750 million.

2. Several million current websites are becoming MOBI, or accessible to mobile phone users.

3. The number of mobile telephone users is 5 times larger than the general pool of internet users.

4. The mobile version of Facebook is used by 150 million individuals daily.

5. Apple now considers itself a mobile enterprise.

Therefore, it is hard to dispute the assertion that the mobile market has tremendous potential. However, up until this point, there has been little in the way of educational material regarding how best to profit from this new market opportunity. This fact is all too familiar to me, as I have looked for this type of information for a long while, and had no luck finding a good program.

My awareness of Adam Horowitz stems from my perusal of a paid forum, and it is my understanding that his Mobile Monopoly program is the result of a great deal of time, work, and study. The program is a very thorough system which demonstrates in great detail how to generate profit by offering goods and services to mobile phone audiences. Even if you lack products or services of your own, Adam's program will teach you how to find affiliate offerings to market.

Anyone who is determined to generate profit by engaging in mobile phone marketing efforts will find Mobile Monopoly entirely worthwhile. This program teaches you the best methods right away and prevents you from spending needless resources and time making and learning from mistakes.

More About the Developer of Mobile Monopoly, Adam Horwitz

It is possible that you know about Adam Horwitz. He has written numerous eBooks on Clickbank about items like Dude I Hate My Job, Tycoon Cashflow, and Cell Phone Treasure. He has earned at least six figures every year on the Internet since he got out of high school. As such, he is very familiar with online advertising.

He knows that mobile marketing is about to explode. The majority of affiliates are bickering about how conventional online advertising has taken over the Internet, but Adam has earned a ton of money in a relatively unknown area.

Google has made noises about tapping the mobile arena, which is a definite sign that it is definitely where the money will be.

Right now approximately 5 billion people are using mobile phones. Smart phones account for about 51 million of these users. This means that there are 51 million people out there who could be using this new way of spending money.

Where the issues lies is that expert affiliates such as Adam Horowitz are able to generate a huge income using this technology, but there really wasn't anyone available who had an effective program to help typical affiliates get successful in this area. Now there is.

The system is called Mobile Monopoly and it is meant to help you capture your place in the mobile arena prior to it catching fire with the entire advertising world. You probably have dreams of using Google Adwords when it first came out in 2000. You know you would have made a ton of money if you had. At this time, you have an opportunity just like that using mobile marketing.

On a personal note, this program makes me very excited because I have searched for just such a program that can help me tap this amazing market. I am going to let every determined advertiser I know who is set to completely revolutionize his or her marketing strategy to be prepared for August 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time.


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