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A Discussion About Prefect Competition

Updated on June 13, 2014

Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Farmers Market | Source

Is there prefect competition in the free market for a worker whose emotions dictate how he/she feels about their health?

Prefect competition – when an entrepreneur has about the same product as others in their field, there is no questioning the price because they are basically some of the same type of products. Continuance commitment-when an employee stays with the organization because it would be costly to leave, or there are no other jobs available to go somewhere else.

If most employees who are stuck in a rut because of continuance commitment are similar, and assuming that they are all there for the same reason, would that be an example of prefect competition in the business world?

Would it be better to reason this out? I mean it does not have to make sense initially because 1) you are just thinking about some things, 2) you do not know your audience, and 3) naturally, whoever agrees with you will be where you are. Maybe!

I am headed toward this cognitive emotional reasoning which was difficult to grasp from the start. The idea is that there is an emotional side to our reasoning, and a cognitive side. The OB (organizational behavior) professionals who study in this field at first concluded that emotions come before cognitive reasoning. So, if on different sides such as emotions on the left side and cognitive reasoning on the right, then oftentimes they will disagree when reasoning internally to come up with a general agreement about attitudes from beliefs, feelings, and behavioral intentions that lead to behavior motivation. Can you put a price on this especially right now with so many missing pieces?

When emotions are into play and it involves many ways-why, how come, why me type of behaviors, what do you think you would want to happen? Do the blame game, talk out your fears and frustrations, measure up, or recognize that you are just not cut out to be? And the beat goes on.

Are persons satisfied when they get a piece of the pie? It does not matter if you follow your reasoning from your childhood, or beliefs about following the rules and regulations, or feeling like nobody else will care about you but you. All those times when your stomach was gittery, when you came to a job interview and studied that sheet with all those questions from the unemployment office. Everybody that studies from that sheet has a better chance of acing that job interview. Prefect competition –but a price will be paid because of all the missing pieces.

Everything you learned and abided by has FLAWS? We do not live in a prefect world after all. Near prefect – Maybe!

I guess where all this leads to is to work until you are satisfied. A job is a job, but job satisfaction you cannot beat. It has its attributes, learning the workplace, getting credit from co-workers and friends, long-tenure status that keeps customers happy that they have been served by you. Yes you! There will be frowns, some sadness, and some missed promotional opportunities, but you can thank your Lord and savior for another day. Hallelujah!

In summary

Prefect competition is good for the economy, and it is good for the worker who is level-headed and can share. It is this free market place that allows consumers to choose the best product that meets their eye, in the same location as the competition, with the same price. Of course, the competition can be subtle, add a little decor, maybe some wine, or feature a craft product to get consumers to your booth, or even offer lower prices for more quantity purchases. That worker can even bring family and friends to make purchases to even the competitive edge. All in all though, a farmer's market is there to enjoy the food and atmosphere, and to look for the best highest quality product that is healthy, beneficial, and provided to you by people who work hard to earn a profit.


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