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Breaking News: Self-Serve Kiosk Technology for Doctor's Offices

Updated on November 2, 2011

Technology is a Cost and Time Saver

When was the last time you went to an airport? Did you wait in the seemingly endless line to speak to a real person for check-in or did you walk up to the self-serve kiosk instead? Heck, even my local library uses some sort of self-serve machine. And what about the grocery store? Remember when those first came about? They can be a real time saver. Well, this same technology is now available for doctor's offices as well. It's a place for self-service check-in, insurance verification, and houses all of your medical records all in one place!

For the patient, it means no more annoying forms to fill out. Simply verify your identity and double check your personal information. The kiosk, much like an ATM, asks all the questions and you enter your information. It even verifies your insurance, how much is left on your deductible, how much is your responsibility, and so on. The patient can then make payment right there. This frees the front desk people to handle other questions or concerns a patient might have.

For the doctor, this kiosk means a faster verification of benefits (instantaneous) as well as a faster payment since filing with insurance and waiting to see if services are covered is a thing of the past. Beyond the cost savings, a patient's records are now in one location. I often go to a practice that has two locations. There have been occasions when I have had to go to the one that is further from my house but my records are at the other location. This doctor does not have access to my records in his hand which can hinder his recommendation of treatment. Thank goodness I am not severly ill. But for someone who has a long medical history, keeping all medical records in one location is essential for an accurate assessment.

Bottom line, these kiosks are not only green, a time-saver for all, but they help keep everyone organized and a medical office running smoothly. So be on the lookout for these self-service machines. Also coming soon is the tablet form of this check-in procedure.


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    • brittanytodd profile image

      Brittany Kennedy 6 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

      This is really cool! I hope they put it into effect, but I also heard that they are taking the self-checkout machines out of stores because the customers are too slow. I wonder if this machine will speed up the process. Great hub!