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A Guide to Using PLR Articles

Updated on March 13, 2011

Every Website Needs Web Content

Where to Get PLR Articles and What to Do With Them

Private lable rights articles are available on various websites dedicated to writing or web content. The original way to have access to PLR articles was to join a PLR membership site. These sites required a monthly membership fee, and sometimes a lengthy commitment. The monthly membership fee entitled the PLR site member to all of the content located on the site, which is regularly updated with PLR content articles, eBooks and reports. PLR membership sites are still around, but these days most people look elsewhere for their PLR articles.

In the past couple of years, newer PLR sites have focused instead on packages of articles. These packages are available on an a la carte basis and do not require a membership or a monthly purchasing commitment. Article packages usually focus on one category of web content, with several titles within that content niche. Some PLR sites have a diverse collection of article packages, while some sites concentrate on one specific niche. Either type of PLR site should have several packages to choose from and offer some way to communicate with the writer if there are any questions.

When you have bought your PLR articles, they are generally delivered immediately upon payment. The files may be a Word file, Open Office or a plain text file. Some PLR sites offer a choice of file types or send two different file types at once. The content of the files are then yours to do with as you wish, in keeping with the rules of the site you bought them from. The rule most common to PLR sites is that the articles, reports and eBooks can't be resold as PLR content, but the rules will vary from site to site.

If you find a site that offers high-quality articles and has plenty of content to choose from- stick with that site. There are a number of low-end sites out there selling PLR content that's been outsourced overseas for pennies- and it shows.

When buying PLR articles, most people use them as content articles for their site. They may be changed slightly to avoid duplicate content filters, but they remain essentially unchanged. Many website owners haven't thought much further than this use, but there are many, many other ways to use PLR articles.

To get more use out of your PLR articles, consider consolidating some of them into a larger format. Using the articles as the basis for an ebook will save an enormous amount of time on research and focus. They can be blended together and made straight into an ebook, or the article topics can simply be used to give the book direction. Ebooks are one of the biggest money makers for website owners, so having one or more ebooks at your disposal is a great way to make a steady income as well as to bring interested traffic into your site.

Reports are a useful way to use PLR articles as well. Many webmasters use free special reports as an incentive for email list sign ups. Some also sell reports on their websites. A report a few pages in length can easily be made up of PLR articles with a few transitions in between them. To find high-quality PLR articles for any of these uses, look for a site that has inexpensive PLR packages available. I n the PLR world, there is an enormous disparity in quality. Finding a site that sells small article packages inexpensively is the best way to start putting together pages of content, or to consolidate the information into a larger format.


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