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A New Domain name

Updated on January 13, 2016
Domain Gambling
Domain Gambling

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New Domain Names

I made an investment last week and it's quite unusual for me to make an investment especially for a New Domain Name. Why is buying a new domain name with a dot com an investment , because if you know how to flip them they are going for thousands and even millions on auction at . What's the hysteria, I am not sure , really , but the experts seem to think that certain dot com ,domain names are worth every penny invested in them . I was able to get a software program for free called Domain Name Analysis which is freeware, and what this software does is let you input one ,two ,or three word categories in ,and then you can push a button and it will tell you if the domains it brings up are available or not. The interesting thing is most one new domain name dot coms are very scarce and get get at least a thousand dollars at auction. I did not find a one in about 16 hours of searching.

I did however put in the word sex and was able to bring up three words during this time that I cannot repeat on here and thought ,alright I hit a gold mine. The domain sold at for 12 million dollars the other week, so seeing how I found a two word sex word I felt pretty confident I had some real estate, well here is my question, How do you really know what is the value of domain you have ?Do you have an expensive one now since it has the word sex in it. Sex sells right?, well evidently not too much according to, I had put my two word new domain up for their auction and they refused it based on not having the words Certified. Certification of words, That was a new one for me also, so I set out to find free certification, and it does not work that way folks. The free certification applications are just to far in between the lines.

The fee to certify is incredible, 49.00 per domain name , new domain names certification, from, the Christi's of computer new domain name auctions. I think it's a game, to make more money, I still have the sex sites parked on parking lot, making pennies, and yet I can't justify paying 100.00USD to have two words looked at under a microscope, can you?My feeling's are it's an auction and if I think my name is worth one thousand dollars than that is what I am asking for it,Sedo fails to say that if your new domain name is un certified they will decline your sell ,until you have them Certified ,they just recommend this, and then they recommended, they did not have room for un certified names as mine were for sale too high in their auction.

If I have a Porsche and its a 1987 and I want 55k for this car I have the right to auction it at this price ,which would be way above the book price, and I can. This should be no different with the new domain names, one should not have to have them certified by one company only the auctioneers and then told what price to sell at, I think its a racket. I am curious to other peoples, opinion on this. I think since brought in so much money it started a stir with the whole industry and there is no standard out there for certification.

I still like all my names I picked out and parked, ,, , and these are full words that mean something, and yet I am being a bit spoiled because I do know this they are worth more when the dot coms are gone.

Christopher Hyer2.18.2011


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    • ManuelAtt profile image

      ManuelAtt 6 years ago

      Great information, thank you!