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A Review Of Geico Auto Insurance – and Why I Will Never Go To Another Insurance Company

Updated on March 11, 2014

When I bought my Jeep I found out that I was required to have full coverage insurance. Although I did not have any traffic violations (other than an expired registration) I was nervous about the cost that I was about to encounter. To my dismay, I spent the day searching several insurance companies, talking to representatives and getting monthly costs that were well over my budget. I decided to research Geico Auto Insurance next, and the quote from the Geico website that I received back was half the cost of the other insurance providers. If this were a true I would be saving 50% compared to other insurance companies. Thinking that I had filled out something incorrectly, I called and talked to a representative that was very helpful, and most importantly, not a pushy sales guy. Come to find out, the quote that I had received was correct, and I could add roadside assistance for only a few dollars more a month. Sold.

A month later my fiancé and I were looking to combine our auto insurance policies, however, his previous driving record wasn't quite as clean as mine. The boy liked to drive fast, and his need for speed was reflected in his insurance policy. We had started the process by contacting his insurance policy holder and asking them to run his 6-month license check again to see if the cost would be reduced. At this point he was paying $83 a month for liability coverage alone. The insurance company came back saying although his license had been spotless for the last two years; they could not drop the price of his insurance. Raising a red flag because what he was paying for liability was more than what I was paying for full coverage through Geico, we decided to find out how much it would be to add him and his Jeep to my current policy. Once again I called Geico and was able to speak to not only a very helpful agent, but also an incredibly pleasant and nice agent. Come to find out it would only be an additional $15 on the policy to add him as a driver, his Jeep for liability as well as roadside assistance. Amazing and once again, sold.

Now we all know that people are wonderful, helpful and nice when they are selling you something, but when it comes time to actually use the service, some companies lack the effort. Of course I’m not meaning all companies, but it is common enough to prepare yourself. We recently moved to Wisconsin this summer, my fiancé moving out first and me following behind a few months later. During that time we took several road trips to get our belongings out there, one of them being with a borrowed trailer to haul the majority of our things. We needed to switch out vehicles, and one was being brought back in the trailer (no sense in two people driving 20+ hours by themselves when they can ride together and tow the Jeep). An hour into the ride back to Vermont, I receive a phone call: the tire on the trailer blew. That was fixed and they were then again on their way. 4 hours into the trip I receive another phone call: 2 other tires on the trailer blew and they were on the side of the interstate. A long story short, only companies approved by the state were allowed to operate anywhere on the interstate, therefore leaving two companies that were allowed, but not answering to assist them. I was 16 hours away and was online looking up businesses, attempting to talk to people and get someone out there to help them on the side of the interstate. Finally, out of ideas and slightly desperate I thought of calling my insurance company. I expected them to laugh at me because my policy did not cover the truck towing or the trailer being towed; just the jeep in the trailer and one of the people on the trip as a driver. This is the reason I will never switch to a different insurance company; when I called and said, “you are probably going to think I’m crazy” and told her the entire situation, she immediately began thinking of ideas that would help us. Amazing. She quickly began a 3-way call with their roadside assistance team to try to find registered tow operators that could help in that area after calling my fiancé himself to figure out where they were on the interstate. In now way was any of this part of my insurance plan; this was a situation where people seemed to really want to help.

Let me be very clear, in no way was any of this part of my insurance, and they were not required to help me. This was honestly just people who seemed to love what they do and genuinely wanted to help us. They stayed on the phone with me the entire time, and hours after we got everything situated, they called back to make sure everything was ok. They called back! Not to sell me something or to tell me they just jacked up my bill because of my misfortune; they literally called me back to make sure everything was ok. This is why I highly recommend Geico Auto Insurance in every which way possible. You do not sacrifice good service because you choose a low price. You get reasonable rates as well as the best customer service possible.

Consider Geico Auto Insurance for this reason: how many companies that you pay on a regular basis at least pretend to care about your well-being? It’s nice to feel like you actually have a company that backs you up and protects you and your family as much as possible.

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