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E-business as an Online Opportunity Part 3

Updated on December 17, 2012
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Charlyn June started educating herself about financial literacy since January 2015 and is now advocating the topic to her family and friends

Step 7 to Step 10: Guide to e-Business

Step 7 – Know Your Visitors

So, now you have already gotten things ready and organized. You should have a plan and must determine the reasons why you wanna do this with the list of your goals. Have you created an e-mail and set-up a website? Or at least have you started any transaction with website domain hosting companies?

If you have not done any of the above, then maybe, you’re still not ready to continue.

So, you have your website visitors. Check your statistics if what part or page in the site have the most visits. There are numbers of tools in the web that could help you track your visitors.

Why do you need to know your visitors and what page or post are they visiting anyway? With tracking, you could determine the factors that you should improve or enhance in your site and then you will have an idea which external links and banner ad campaigns will be working with your site.

Step 8- Improve Your Site

Is your website already up and running? Do some more enhancements in order to utilize it at its best. Some tips to have a user and web-friendly website are listed below.

·Do not put too many graphics and images on it. Keep images small and reduce the file sizes

·Use standard fonts (Search the internet for the most recommended fonts to use on the web)

·Keep your navigations organized and visible. Don’t confuse your visitors so give each menu a clear name, or put an alternative text so that when a visitor hovers their cursor on it, a text containing the definition of the menu will appear.

·Add a feature for a 24-hour chat service in order for customers to have a place to send their questions immediately. This software may come with a hosting package or you can install it manually.

Your hard work in putting your business online is now live so you must make the most out of it to attract more visitors and establish your customers. I have screened some important tips below:

1.Answer you visitors’ questions. Entertain all their queries and try to be understanding. Always prepare yourself for surprising offers from different suppliers from different countries.

2.Add a form for user registration. Make it simple and gather only important data such as names, e-mails, website addresses (if any) in order to show them how you care. You can create a Client/Customer page which contains links to their sites or pages.

3.Have a page for FAQs. This helps lessen phone calls and e-mails of inquiry.

4.Don’t give up in searching for new strategies to improve your site and drag more unique visitors. Be patient.

5.Include your URL when you print fliers and catalogues. You may also include it in your letter heads and e-mail signatures.

6.Re-submit your sites to search engines each time you add changes especially when you have added new pages.

7.Don’t forget to show and tell the world how unique your services and products are. Include your vision, mission, goals and objectives in the about page. State here also reasons why customers choose you over some other competitors (or in a separate page).

8.You should be the first to believe in your products’ ability and uses. If you are 100% sure of the guarantee, you may put a Money Back guarantee on each product or even give a free demo.

9.Testimonials are of great use too. If you have already established customers, ask them respectfully to write you a testimonial.

Step 9- Start Selling Online

To start an online shop you should have set up your website, have a payment system and a database to store customer and stock details as well as orders and payment reports. Yo should have already included also in your plan all the important things to consider such as: the payment system like cheques and credit cards (think if you want to offer such services), your suppliers from across the country and other products and services which you may offer as additional products.

Keeping your account secure is also best to think. Have your website installed with all the security software which could make your and your customers’ credit card transactions safe.

In order to expand the coverage of your business, you may also consider becoming an affiliate to a major selling industry or portal. You can provide a space in your website which could contain advertisement that when clicked may give you commission for every referral.

Step 10- Finding New Customers

The establishment of loyal customers is done. Try to think of strategies to maintain having new visitors and customers. Aim for a goal that at least 30% to 40% of your traffic will become return visitors.

To have numbers of re-visits, you can consider these simple tips:

·Give an award or discount to customers who buy by bulk or those who comes back for more purchases.

·Maintain your forum and chat page

·You may also conduct contests related to your business. Example, you are selling digital cameras, then have a competition for the Best Photography

·Respectfully ask your visitors to add links in their websites to your site. When you offer free services, you might as well add a custom designed banner with an HTML code for copying (widgets).

Design your banner wisely and join exchange programs. You add their sites advertisements to your website, and your ads to their site. Your banner should contain a one sentence description of the product or service you offer and have “Click Here” text to prompt the viewer to click for more information.

Las reminder, check your mails regularly and interact with your customers and suppliers. Answer every message you receive and be friendly and understanding.

Oh, well, the 10 Steps to Starting an e-Business have already been explained in my three hubs. I will be talking more about each of these steps as I go on and research for more information online. Don’t forget that I only got these ideas in one book, screened the most important tips and guides and summed it all up into three posts.

My next posts will be the Part 2 of this journey. Part one were these 10 steps and the next part talks about ideas in choosing for what to sell. See you again on my next posts. : )


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    • charlynjune profile imageAUTHOR

      Charlyn June 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you ma'am for the comment.. I appreciate you reading my post and got an idea from it too.. I'm so pleased.

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I commend you on a well-researched and formatted series for an ebusiness.

      I now have a website that I am extremely pleased with along with my business e-mail. The number one priority I have found to be important is keeping the website updated and continuously working on it to bring in more customers.

      I also got a great deal on business card, which have proven to provide more business.


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