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A Sustainable Career

Updated on October 23, 2015

For all these years, people in the west have been spoiled to use their luxuries which in turn have caused damage to the environment, not paying heed to the amount of carbon footprint produced by them. It’s been sometime ago when all this has been brought to the understanding of the common citizens and the G8 leaders, through disturbing documentaries and campaigns that their actions are going to hit back on them soon! Mother Nature is getting angrier day by day. And the result, you witness droughts, uneven rain, earthquakes & extreme weather conditions. Most companies have been ignoring the code of conduct. However, fierce competition has lead many companies to jump on the bandwagon of business sustainability by producing environmental friendly products if they ever want to breathe alive in the market. The change is here. It cannot be averted now.

Major sectors of the economy are always going through extreme changes and challenges. Trends tend to occur in every business sector. And, the education sector is not an exception. Doctors, engineers & bankers have always been evergreen professions for traditional parents in Pakistan. However, in recent years, the choice of getting a particular education among the masses of youth in Pakistan have undergone a significant liberal change with many universities introducing degrees in project management, mass communication, architecture, textile& fashion designing and the like.

It is usually smart to know and understand where the world is headed and how to equip oneself with the right knowledge to counter the future challenges. So where is the world headed? Exactly, it’s headed towards disaster, thanks to the big industries causing damage to the environment and the everyday false promises of the world political leaders to make this world a better place to live in. So what’s the future? It looks bleak after all what we have been doing to our planet. Human is selfish by nature. Not only that, he is greedy and fearful too. In recent years, the west has been hit hard and its counter attacking. Governments are now pledging support to NGOs and environmental agencies to counter the excessive carbon footprint. Moreover, U.S, Canadian & Australian universities are now offering educational degrees on environmental sustainability, sustainable business practices and sustainable development. In other words, it is popularly coming to be known as the "Green MBA", which will eventually lead to the creation of green jobs. The aim is to create leaders and managers that can conduct business while incorporating sustainability in their daily business practices and to make already established businesses sustainable. Recruitment agencies in the west have already created web portals dedicated to green jobs only whereas online educational research institutions are giving a platform for prospective Green MBA students to seek information about the universities that provide concentrations in sustainable business and environmental management. And guess what? Green jobs pay well. At least in the west.

So what are the prerequisites to a green MBA? That’s a tough question. You need to be passionate about it. Just an impactful essay on how much you adore your environment won’t get you doing a green MBA. Volunteer for cleaning and recycling campaigns, address climate change issues, support and take active part in online environmental sustainability groups & forums. Also, try to gather innovative ideas on how you can make your own surrounding more environmental friendly & implement it. In terms of education, with a graduate degree of course, modules such as corporate social responsibility and change management are of paramount importance to be noticed in your transcripts for a future green MBA. In the next few years, large organizations will be needing business graduates with concentration in economic, environment sustainability and social economic issues. Opportunities will rise for civil engineers or LEED architects, environmental management lawyers, urban master planners building sustainable design infrastructures, and most of all; knowledge management of a sustainable business is highly stressed. In the U.S alone, President Obama has pledged to create 10,000 green jobs in the next five years.

Green education is a new learning experience altogether. And an exciting one. Green jobs will pay you well whilst you are providing your services for the betterment of the planet. Woo- Hoo, your peaceful trip to heaven. "Go green, live rich", as quoted by David Bach.


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