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A Totally Different Animal: What Do You Get When You Cross Affiliate Marketing with Multi-Level Marketing?

Updated on April 12, 2012

In my eternal quest to acquire the "all mighty” dollar, I have been looking for opportunities to make money online. My nephew in New York dropped me a line last week speaking about actually being paid a commission as part of his sales effort in a new start up. He used a traditional multilevel approach to promote the service which I am not generally keen on. But he has a personality that works well in this arena, but it has not been my cup of tea. Of course, I asked for the details and he pointed me to this site

Before I get into this, to educate some of you who may well not know what I am talking about, I have furnished the following video.

So why is Cherry Dish! a hybrid? I am going to examine the pros and cons of affiliate marketing and multilevel marketing to make my point.

Affiliate Marketing: Pros

Once you acquire an affiliate link, you are free to market for the primary (the entity for whom you are to earn a commission for moving product and services) as far and wide as your social media contacts or e-mail exchanges can take you, around the corner or the other side of the planet. Your affiliate link can be working for you 24/7, making money for you while you sleep. That is passive income.

You can become an affiliate marketer at no cost to you. There are many sites that have opportunities available for those that desire to become affiliate marketers. They will assign you an affiliate link. It would be advisable that you go to a purveyor of domain names like, for instance, to get a domain name that you could place rather than the affiliate link that your primary would assign which reads like hieroglyphics and can be tampered with in a way that could deprive you of the commission for a sale that you have earned when someone purchases the product or service via ‘your link”. It is a small investment of approximately $10.00/per year.

Having the opportunity to make money through recurring billing, generally applies to a subscription or similar service. If a customer renews a subscription you continue to be paid the commission.

Affiliate Marketing: Cons

I have found many of the products and services obscure at best. Why would I buy a pair of shoes on line? There are thousands of people involved and to have them click on your link for common merchandize available virtually anywhere is highly unlikely. The ‘majors’ like Amazon. com, are certainly promoting their own web portal. It is hard to make much money without a broad presence throughout the web and that involves advertising and money. The biggest issue that I found in my experience is that the ability to generate traffic trumps all other concerns.

In the case of Clickbank, for example, the percentage of affiliate marketing opportunities that offered recurring commissions were less than 5% of the total.

Having gone down this road before, I did not like all the paperwork, tax forms and such that I had to complete and return to them. It was sort of invasive, in my opinion, but that is just me.

Multilevel Marketing

More of us a familiar with this approach that has been around at least since the days of Amway, that goes back to the 1960’s. I got involved with Amway during the early 1980’s

Multilevel Marketing: Pros

One can create a network where income can be made of the efforts of those that you sponsor into the organization. This is different from a pyramid scheme as that money can be made only with the sale of a product or service and not in just recruiting.

The potential for large incomes has seemed to me greater than that possible with affiliate marketing.

Multilevel Marketing: Cons

The advantages are outweighed with a few disadvantages. Many of you have heard of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity E=mc (squared), bringing all that down from the cosmic and celestial to the man in the street, it can be translated as simply: time is money! The amount of time I spent in team building sessions, rah rah gatherings and such was inordinate. I can work with almost anything indefinitely, if it does not consume inordinate amounts of time or money.

The letter sweater personality does not fit all of us. Pressuring people in a downline to build their organizations, maintain inventories not to mention the endless handholding of those that you bring in was exasperating in itself. I suppose that it just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Cherry Dish!

I had the opportunity to speak to the creator of the concept as the start up is relatively new, after speaking with my nephew about it.

The product, a subscription service involves establishing a presence in the social media environment that could advance the interest of small business and others that better want to leverage their time and effort within social media networks. The format is a work in progress but it is novel and is expected to expand, over a wide array of social media networks including those conducted in languages other than English. The expertise is made available to guide you through the myriad of choices, set everything up for you, and then keep you current regarding changes and advantageous offers.

I get confidence when a telephone number is available which support an honest and legitimate enterprise.

Cherry Dish! partners enjoy the passive income advantages associated with well placed affiliate links in concert with their social networks, working for them on a 24/7 basis. This, without competing for sales with myriads of others or with the large original web portals like Amazon, for example.

They receive commissions not only on the initial sale but for all renewed subscriptions. All sales are handled by credit card making it neat and clean for me. I don’t have to get involved in inventory or time consuming paperwork.

Moving your business to the next level involves being given the capacity to receive residual income from sales of all those that respond to your affiliate link as a partner. While the affiliate marketing portion is at no cost, this ability to make a residual from the sales of those that become a Cherry Dish! partner through your affiliate link is the next level and comes at a one time cost of $38.00. A downline potential for expansion generally not available from affiliate marketing and without the hassle traditionally associated with multilevel.

I have not got here yet, as I wanted to test the affiliate program before I commit a cent. It could be said that I wanted to get the lay of the land, first. But, how many multilevels allow your participation without your having to buy the product or service prior to attempting to sell it?

Unlike multilevels, Cherry Dish! partners are encouraged to keep customers separate from associated partners acquired through their affiliate links. Unlike the multilevel concept, you are not required to use to service as a condition to marketing it.

Think of that, no more team building meetings, rah-rah gatherings and endless motivational products to buy. This is commonly found in the world of multilevel.

The price of the service is about the price of a magazine subscription making it easier to obtain a sale and have customers renew their subscription.

The partner will find an exceptionally professional "backoffice" at his or her disposal with information regarding traffic to their affiliate link, sales, commissions, etc. Everything needed to logically conduct any marketing campaign.

The company launched in January, 2012, so there is little problem with duplication or saturation.

In conclusion, I have read many articles from quite a few hubbers promoting the idea of passive income and money to be made through the internet. This is just one of those ideas. I really can get involved at at no cost to my time and without anyone having their hands into my pocket before going to next stage is in my interest. I can let my social media contact networks get the word out, there may be some customers and others that are better as Partners. I have learned in life that almost anything is possible if you want it badly enough and you are patient and can perservere. Without something taking up a great deal of my time and money, I can easily be patient and see what happens. What do I have to lose? This could be just another income stream that once set up can be working for you and be far more lucrative than completing surveys on line for pennies on the dollar. It can’t be any worse that any of that but it could prove to be much better.


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    • Credence2 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, Dee, thanks for reading and commenting. I guess the passive comes after initial effort is made setting up and the benifit is reaped like capital gains. I let the site do the advertising and make sure that my links are well placed. It takes time and sheer volume of people to see your links and act upon them and it is slow, but at no cost it is sustainable. There are lots of affiliate marketers out there, there has to be some money in it.

      The biggest problem for you and I as writers and in this business effort is the need for visability and traffic. I have been involved in a lot of schemes, a guy named Mike Filsame offered a franchise to sell "how to" CDs that would become your own business from which you receive the profit for sales. But the catch is that unless you can get traffic and visability you have no business and this guy gets his $900.00 franchise fee and you don't make any money, but his percentage from all of franchises he sold on the web still makes him money in the composite.

      This project I am working on has the same profit opportunities without all the up-front costs, but the challange of traffic remain the same.

      I am glad that you found the article useful and invite your ideas as to how to make a good idea even better.

      Regards, Cred2

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      7 years ago

      I read this, with great interest, because I loved the title and it is something I really wanted to know the difference. I thought I knew and at some level I did...but your explanation was so clear that it opened my eyes even more. The idea of "passive" income is very intriguing. I have often thought how can anything be passive when you do have to work to make it happen.

      Being a writer is let me re-phrase. Being paid as a writer is tough...writing is the easier part. I have been doing some research about the various ways to make "being paid" happen (online). I have made, and still make, decent money writing content for organization that needed grants, strategic plans, operational plans, newsletter content, etc. When I retired I wanted to move my writing to a new level so that is where I am...

      Thank you for this. It was very, very informative and extremely helpful. Voted up and useful.


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