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How A Typical Day Begins

Updated on March 18, 2012

What a typical day looks like

A typical day usually consists of waking up in the morning, feeling well, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, getting dressed, and having a good cup of coffee. For those who don't drink coffee perhaps you have a glass of juice or a hot cup of tea. You may grab the morning paper to read while drinking your favorite beverage. Others may turn on the TV to watch the morning news or play the radio to listen for the days weather before heading out the door to work. If you don't work you probably run errands or are running around making your appointments for the doctor's office, dental office, your child's pediatrician, or meeting with your interior decorator or lawyer. Depending on what you have to do for that day. We have all been there one time or another!

Perhaps your day starts off by waking up, if your have children, waking them up to get ready for school by brushing their teeth, getting them dressed, and fixing them breakfast and lunch for their school day. If you have a little down time in between the time you get the kids off to school and before you go to work (if you work) you throw a load of clothes in the washing machine so you don't have to do four or five loads on the weekend. You probably vacuum and mop your floors if your house needs tidying up. It's time to throw out the garbage because by now its over flowing and stinking up the house. Dishes need to be done either by hand or thrown into a dishwasher, while you find something else to take care of in your daily chores of house cleaning. Now is a perfect time to clean out the cobwebs in the corners of your house starting in the attic, ceiling, closets, garage, underneath the staircase, inside the air conditioning closet, in the laundry room, pantry, and behind bookshelves and furniture.

If you are the stay at home mom you probably prepare, cook, and bake goodies and keep your home in line. There is nothing better than smelling homemade cookies, breads, cakes, pies, muffins, brownies and pastries for a sweet treat during the day. Or by late evening the delicious aroma of oven baked macaroni and cheese, lasagna, beef wellington, or sheperd's pie. Whatever it is your whole family probably cannot wait until they get home for dinner. It is so wonderful to smell the different aromas of foods permeating the air while sitting back relaxing and reading a good book. Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine or champagne while nibbling on snacks before the main course.

Springtime is here again! If your the type of person who wants their home spotless, cleaning the walls, the baseboards, ceiling fans, the light fixtures and windowsills wouldn't be a bad idea. Just in time for your in-laws arriving out of town and springing a surprise visit. You surely want your home looking it's best all the time! Yet there are folks who have different agendas on their mind and their day may be totally different than doing house chores. Maybe their day begins by running errands to the post office, to the drugstore, to buy groceries for the week, picking up clothes from the dry cleaners, dropping off shoes to be repaired or getting a new hairstyle at the salon. Perhaps for us women, every month you pamper yourself and get your nails and toes painted, eyebrows waxed, and hair washed and styled. Or a massaging soak in a jacuzzi filled with emollients and oils at the local spa. Gentlemen you too can pamper yourself! Everybody has their own unique schedule and what your day may look like will depend on many factors. No two individuals day will look the same!

Yet some of us have a busy schedule but find the time to exercise. We either join a local gym or sign up for a yoga class. Maybe you are into fitness and wanting to keep your body in ultimate condition. Many of us want to stay in shape with some form of exercise. So many of us no matter how crammed our schedules may be will fit in a physical activity into our day. Some of us prefer weight training, aerobics, pilates, yoga, ty-bo, spinning and other forms of exercise. We all squeeze in time to our busy lifestyles to accommodate some form of physical activity. No matter what form of exercise you prefer as long as you have an exercise program in place, you will benefit tremendously and feel great! You probably find the time to incorporate a healthy meal daily. Eating a balanced diet is also very important. Exercise and diet go together like cereal and milk.

A Typical Day
A Typical Day

My day looks like this

My day starts at 6:00 a.m. I wake up, shut off the alarm, take a shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair, walk to my closet and look for what I want to wear for the day and get dressed. After all that it's now 6:45 a.m. as I walk to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast and prepare my lunch to take to work. I usually take a few minutes to figure out what I want to eat in the morning depending on what I am in the mood for. If I want a healthier breakfast, then I go for the yogurt with granola, a bowl of oatmeal or some other whole grain cereal. If I need more energy and I am looking to stay full longer, I will choose to eat a bagel with locks and salmon cream cheese or scrambled eggs and an english muffin. At this time, I am brewing coffee and pouring a glass of grapefruit juice. I then go and turn on the TV to watch the news channel or morning talk show for the latest local and world news.

By 7:15 a.m., I take my dogs out for their morning walk, and around 7:40 a.m., I am grab my lunch, handbag, keys, cell phone and I head out the door. I have 35 minutes to beat the morning traffic and get to work. Once I arrive at work, I put my things down in the drawer inside my office and begin the day by turning on the computer and reading my emails. As the day progresses, I prioritize my workload so I can fit in meetings, conferences and trainings I have to attend. If all goes well, I am also scheduling appointments for myself and my son, researching ticket information for concerts, vacations, plays, sporting events, and calling the cleaners to see if my dry clearning is ready to be picked up. Now it's usually late morning and I am planning to see if it is feasible to run my errands at lunch or wait until I get out of work. I already have my lunch from home, so all I have to do is heat it up!

By 3:00 pm., I am ready for an afternoon snack or a cup of white chocolate mocha to give me the extra jolt I need to get me through for two additional hours. When 5:00 o'clock comes around, I am ready to get out of work and head home. This schedule is typical for me throughout the week. When the weekend gets here, I jump for joy! I am one who will tidy my house up during the week after work and on Thursdays my other day off to ensure my weekends are open for other things. I ensure my errands are done and my appointments are met. This frees up my time to do other important and engaging things.

Once I arrive home by 5:30 p.m., I am ready to walk my pooches and feed them their dinner. If I have engagements to meet and places to go after I walk my dogs, I will decide to either eat out or make a quick bite to eat. Early dinner is around 6:00 p.m. for me! I workout three to four times a week. So at 7:00 p.m., I arrive at my yoga class. I also volunteer during the week in the afternoons at local churches and community organizations. Sometimes after work, I will meet a friend or co-worker for some coffee or tea at a local cafe shop. Or I will meet up with a family member for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. This is usually what my typical day looks like during the week. Except on weekends! Weekends are my days off from work and most of the time my schedule is laid back. But I have to admit, there are some weekends that can be hectic and full of running around taking care of things. But I try to keep Saturdays and Sundays free from errands and appointments so I can have a more enjoyable, relaxing, and peaceful two days off.

Agenda and Cell Phone
Agenda and Cell Phone

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