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A job that a full-time student may find useful - my experience driving for Uber

Updated on June 6, 2016

How To Become An Uber Driver While Attending School Full-Time

After a career in computer hardware for almost 3 decades, the time finally arrived (or caught up with me) when the need for a computer hardware technician was almost obsolete. It was totally different back in the 90's and even through the early and mid 2000's. But the truth is is that today computer hardware is disposable and so is a hardware technician. With that said, I'm was 50 years old and mid-life crisis was an understatement. I never thought that this day would ever come in my lifetime, but it did nevertheless. What kind of career, or new career, could I pursue now. Well, after soul-searching for months, I decided that I wanted to finish the race well, and give back to society. Something that would fulfill my spirit, and not just line my pockets. I had my own bouts with alcohol and drug addiction over the years (comes with the long hours of troubleshooting computers I least it did for me). I decided that my gratefulness to recovery needed to be expressed in the form of "service to others". So I decided to go back to school.

Los Angeles City College

Orientation Day for my 1st semester
Orientation Day for my 1st semester | Source

So I'm focused on this new career when reality hits wife can't support us on just her pay. But we are determined not to let anything interfere with this new calling, and I had her complete support (and still do) in pursuing this new career in Alcohol/Drug Counseling and majoring in Psychology. But the bills will not pay themselves, and we realized that it was just a matter of time before we would be overwhelmed. With rent, a car note, car insurance, daycare for our 4 year old son, Aiden, groceries, utilities etc: it was not realistic for me to go back to school at this time. How could I possible go to school full-time and make a living at the same time, and work the hours that I wanted and would allow me to make a steady income and not interfere with my school.

Orientation at LACC


I honestly didn't have the answer. But how many of us know that opportunity shows up when you least expect it? Well it did for me. My wife and I bought our 2013 Chevy Malibu brand new and it is a great car, but we never dreamed that it would serve us in the matter that it does today. I remember when I first saw the ad from Uber Technologies...."WANTED: DRIVERS!!" The only requirements was that I needed a license and even if I didn't have a car, which I did (a brand new one) they would finance one. I had to at least give it a shot. Hell, I had nothing to lose. I couldn't go to school full-time working toward a educational degree to better my life and the lives of my family and also hold down a 9 to 5 job that required set hours. There was just no way to do that. It was one or the other. But Uber Technologies changed that!


So I finished the signup process, which included sending in the proper copies of license, registration, insurance. Within a week, everything was approved and now it was time to get my vehicle inspected. To be honest, I was beginning to become very skeptical because things were running too smooth....something had to have a catch, ya know what I mean? But I was wrong. The process was painless, and I've been driving now for over 3 years and will be graduating from college with my bachelors and transferring to a master's program next year. I think back to the day when I was having my car inspected and to how far I've come since then.

UBER Inspection 2013

Alot of people have questions as to "how to get started" with Uber, so I have dedicated a website (that I've built and continue building myself) to answering those many questions in getting started with Uber Technologies. It has truly afforded me the opportunity to work, meet different people from all walks of life, and go to school full-time, whereas I probably would have not been able to otherwise. I actually was able to meet Brian Bosworth while I was on a Uber run!! So if you are interested in how to become an Uber driver, feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Brian Bosworth and Timothy the Uber Driver

I also get to go into the juvenile systems and reach out to the youth who are foster kids or strung out on drugs, committing crimes, and joining gangs. My education is preparing me to be useful to our community. My education is ongoing, and Uber allows me to keep my momentum going!! It also allows me the freedom of spending time with my family, opposed to having to "punch the clock"

Have a Blessed Day!


Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Downey CA

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