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A look into Dog training jobs

Updated on August 16, 2012

Thinking about working with dogs for a living? Want to find jobs that will develop learning and relationship to your dogs? While dog training can be really difficult, its result can be really rewarding.

Dogs, as animals, have certain behaviors that were developed through their instincts. Many behaviorists study this way of dogs’ learning, so that trainers could apply instructions to modify those unwanted behaviors. There are a wide variety of training methods and courses for anyone who is interested to get started on this job. There are books, magazines, internet articles, videos, short courses and even college courses! You may see that learning to train your dog takes a long time too. You have to be careful in picking which method applies for your dog educating--there are others who uses harmful methods such as punishment and this imposes fear on the dogs rather than being obedient. Dog drills should be stimulating and challenging; not fearsome. You would want your dog to trust your commands not to dread you.

Preparations of becoming a dog trainer

There are many groups and associations locally and internationally about Dog Training. The Association of the Pet Dog Owners is probably the biggest association of dog trainers world wide, and is professionally affiliated. Joining this association opens you to a wider learning experience as well as many benefits, which includes seminars which focuses on the most up to date dog training and dog behavior studies. They also produce newsletters that are released twice a month, e-mail listings where trainers could easily access information by internet, and other opportunities for trainers to network with other training professionals.

Generally, most dog trainers are self educated and most probably self employed. The have an extensive knowledge about training and behavior about dogs, and have attended various learning occasions such as seminars, workshops, courses and conventions that have exposed them to a better analysis of dog training.

There is no official beginner’s system in dog training, but working with other experienced trainers and a huge selection of dogs is important to your education. This is an opportunity that would benefit you greatly—exposure to different breeds and different methods could help you in your development. You could also volunteer to various groups like animal shelters and rescue groups for you to be exposed to a wide range of breeds. You could also look for a mentor to help you.

There are also sprouting dog training schools locally that could help you in your learning. However, when choosing a school, take time to observe and make sure that no inhumane method is used for dog training.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, so it’s just right to pay attention and give them what’s right for their needs. It is important that though they must undergo training and learning period, you must also provide them the food and supplements to keep them going with energy and enthusiasm. It is also important for you to take care of them—because this is what helps you earn their trust.


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