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A Retrospective: Solution Selling, Mike Bosworth

Updated on June 26, 2015
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Mike Bosworth, Solution Selling

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Solution Selling: Creating Buyers In Difficult Selling Markets

Why I Recommend This Book

Mike Bosworth has been one of my mentors from the beginning and attending his 4-day "Solution Selling" seminar back in the 90ties played a huge part in my success.

I still practice the techniques described in the book and apply them to my business model daily.

There were voices already in the late 90ties claiming that the methods are "old". Some said "It is only for products".

Funny thing: Everyone who was claiming that wanted to sell me their books and training. I do not even remember all of the names of books and seminars I went through. What I do remember as if it were yesterday is the Solution Selling program.

Some sales guys might find it a bit too difficult. It offers scientific methods rather than empty motivational speech (THAT really did die in the 90ties).

No matter if it is about selling products, services, solutions or arguing with your spouse: Solution Selling WILL help you achieve your goals .

How to create buyers in difficult markets

Have we not all sent in proposals to RFPs not knowing we were just list fodder?

One thing Solution Selling teaches us is that at the point when we receive a Request for Proposal the decision has already been made.

The customer already has a vision (most likely influenced by one of your competitors).

Another sales guy did what you should have been doing: He identified the "pain" of the customer and created a vision on how the buyer can solve his problem, become more famous or whatever is driving him.

Even in 2015 when a lot of managers have been punished or even fired for making unwise decisions people still buy for egoistic reasons - not for the technical features we read in their RFIs, RFPs.

A wise man once told me that you can classify every human being into one of four selfish goals. I forgot two because it always seems to be one of two: Greed for Money, Greed for Power.

Rarely are we in the position to be the influencer of the customer before he defines his RFP.

Solution Selling teaches us

  • Often our enemy is not the competition but "no decision". We learn how to identify if there is pain and any buying decision will be made
  • How to create (or recreate) the vision of the customer even when we start out as "list fodder"

Have we not all sent in proposals to RFPs not knowing we were just list fodder?

Mike Bosworth Leadership


About the book Solution Selling

Solution Selling is a method that takes the unknown out of hard-to-sell, intangible services and products. It allows the person selling to create the way in which they sell as huge an advantage as their products themselves.

Sales managers and salespeople are then able to use this well-tested model that helps them through the selling process. You don’t need any blind luck, high-pressure selling, or smoke and mirrors. This just applies a step-by-step way that guarantees a increased rate of success for a salesperson. It is also important to note, it creates a higher chance that the expectations of the buyer are met.
This book will:

  • Help you synchronize your tactics of selling with your potential customers buying cycle and lead them to a purchase.Help produce qualified buyers and new business by teaching how to achieve access to power
  • Helps teach you how to motivate buyers into taking action by guiding them to figure out their problems by using your services or products
  • Helps you stand out from the competition and get rid of the negative stereotypeHelps you close the sale without the high-pressure sales
  • Solution Selling will help you manage your pipeline with effectiveness, if you are in sales management. It will also help you manage forecast revenue and sales with better accuracy and take control of selling costs
  • Understand how and by whom the decision is made (and if a decision will be made) and how to get to them
  • Understand the different roles in a buying process (in corporations) and how to use every player to your advantage

I found one of the best lessons was helping with sales of service and products that are hard-to-sell. It brought about greater success in this area. I found the most effective way to be successful in selling was to position your service or product so that your prospective buyers see themselves using the product or service to solve a problem that they might have.


Final Verdict

Meeting and attending my mentors seminars and reading this book and others he has written has influenced my life and the way I do business in the most profound way. I respect him highly and aspire to achieve greatness through his teachings.

If you are looking to increase your sales, improve your sales technique, and understand your prospective buyer in a better way, I highly recommend you read this book and put the techniques into practice today. Michael Bosworth will teach and guide you through the process and share his extensive knowledge and expertise. He helped me, and I know he can help you achieve greatness.

When I was lucky enough to attend his seminar I have been thrown into Sales the hard way. Over night, I was made "Senior Account Manager", responsible to establish the Business Intelligence division for a British Management Consulting company (at age 24). Did I mention that I was a secretary at the time who hardly spoke English?

This training helped me over exceeding my goals when it seemed impossible and I promise you that he can help you achieve greatness.

Mike Bosworth TEDx in 2015

Let us connect

If you want to stay in touch or read more about Mike Bosworth and other topics for your success, health, wealth and happiness feel free to connect via social media or find my website.

Thank you for reading and to your success!


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