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Updated on December 16, 2009

Many of us were not yet satisfied of what we only have at the present. We crave to accomplish more. We don't have that point where to stop. We wanted to own everything by the use of our money. Are we not satisfied yet? Do we need to have more?

Rich people were very successful in their business. They constructed store chains one after the other in the city centers and from town after town within the region until it reaches more than a hundred. They opened many branches in other countries, in every cities spending million of dollars for its expansion. By doing so, it help thousands of jobless people who can now have a chance to be employed.

They constructed another sister company comprising gigantic supermarkets, malls and restaurant in more than a hundred hectare lands. The design is for a one-stop shopping center where everything a consumer needs can be found and buy there. Just by seeing the gigantic construction of the building made us to wonder how powerful the money has to change the landscape of the city. This super mall houses many hundreds of smaller store owned by different foreign companies showing their respective ware of items to attract buyers to patronize their products and spend their money.

As if they are not contented yet, they put another wonderful projects by creating a housing community with thousand hectares of land for housing developments for family with average income and those well-to-do family that can afford to select and buy fantastic design of housing units.

The owner already lost count of all his investment, employing thousands of employees, paying higher salaries. The owner did not stop there, still thinking more, craving more, expanding more, thinking big, not yet satisfied of his achievement and accomplishment and wanted to do more.

This was just an example how money can governed the life of anyone. This was the superior instrument that let you do whatever you wanted to do without any hardship. Money is so powerful, you may be a slave to it. Although money is important to us to live, but it is better if we have that point to say "enough" and let others given the chance to do same. If we are always looking for money, we will never be satisfied.

Satisfaction is the word that drive us to seek fulfillment we are craving to accomplish. We used it as a leverage to do something worthwhile. We believed of our capacity to create things for the purpose of proving that we can do anything we want in life. Having the money in hand it is now easy to start the realization of a dream, the achievement we are seeking.

But it does not end there. It is a continues searching for a fortune, exploring more the uncharted course to reach that goal... to have more money.

We all knew that money is the answer to everything. It maybe for good intention. But there were others who uses money to do something against the law. They wanted to enrich themselves more.

To feel satisfied is a wonderful feeling of being happy. Money is only an instrument to answer those happiness. Real happiness can not be bought by money. It is there in your heart whether you have money or not. Enough is enough. We have to be satisfied whatever we have in life for a moment. Limit your craving to do something more. Rest for a while and do a reflection. Review your accomplishment. Then decide, to stop or continue, its up to you.


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