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Updated on February 20, 2014

Attire Sense - Dressing up in Corporate World


The first thing to be noticed when you enter the office, conference room or interview room. You are always expected to dress according to the scenario. This is known as the primary effect.

In order to decide what to wear, the best option is to ask your superiors or colleagues whoever you feel comfortable with. This will give you the basic view about how you should appear at the particular place in that situation. While talking about the work place or office, there should be a particular dress code decided by you, if not by the firm. Make sure to match your attire with your job profile. Dressing up may be acceptable up to an extent but dressing down leads you to face criticism from colleagues and superiors which may affect your future appraisals and promotions. Having persistency in dress code will create an effect where colleagues and superiors will have your concern in the critical and important decisions.

Adding to this, your looks also include your hair, shave and shoes. Get your hair cut at regular interval and make it short. ‘Long hair is suitable when you are going for rock concert.’ Shave your beard, if required, on daily basis. Shoes must match your code. This will add to your professional attire.

When we talk about attire, do not forget the trend in the market. The dress code varies as the gender. Most preferable dress code for either of the genders should be as given:

For Male:


ØSmall hair and, mostly, clean shave

ØWrinkle-free light color shirt (preferably light blue or white)

ØDark colored suit (Gray or Navy Blue, lined may look good)

ØSilk or mixed silk tie with simple strips in contrast with shirt and suit (if required)

ØBlack polished shoes with dark socks

ØMaximum 3 Accessories (often wedding ring and watch is enough)

ØNice light yet noticeable perfume


ØLong or fashionable haircut and shave

ØCotton or semi cotton shirts and tie

ØLight color suit

ØWhite socks

ØBracelet, chains, thumb ring etc.

ØStrong irritating perfume

ØSharp tipped shoes

For Female:


ØRound neck Top or shirt (often wrinkle-free)

ØCorduroy, khaki or twill jacket and skirt or trouser

ØComfortable inner wears

ØClose-toed pumps with color complimenting outfits

ØMaximum 3 Accessories (like male)


ØTank tops and such other that can expose the body parts

ØAvoid denim wear as it may get uncomfortable

ØSkirts should not be small enough to expose your thighs

ØToo many colors in your attire may seem odd in the corporate environment

ØHigh heels, flat shoes, stilettos, flip flops, floaters should be left for the party and get-away

To have a dress-code for routine make sure you spend at least 30% to 40% of your income to buy clothes and shoes every month. Keep your outfits ironed and ready to wear. This will make you feel different and let others feel different about you when you wear similar pattern but with a different designs. Remember, being appropriately dressed you will be welcomed and counted in as your consistency with the attire. If you want to over-dress make sure you don’t look aggressively dominating. Again under dressing may stand as an obstacle and a chance for your employer for not choosing you at promotion or interview, if they have options. In either cases you can make it up with your behavior and communication, so be confident with your attire.



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    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 6 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      hey john... ty for d comment.. well der is more to corporate culture..n sure it is coming soon..

      ty for appreciation..



    • John Sarkis profile image

      John Sarkis 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      True, I try and look as conservatie as possible. Of course, I'm in a customer related field, so I've no choice.

      Great hub