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Add Personal Touch & Creative Lighting to Your Office

Updated on September 18, 2014

Office Can Reveal Much About Us

Most of us will spend a minimum of forty hours each week at the office. It’s really a place that we show our creativity in work and even the way we live our office life. Our office is actually a place that speaks about the public face of our company, and as well makes a statement about who we are to others. Add a bit warmth to it if we try to leave others a better impression or if we want to make our working corner more inviting.

Try some creative lights for office decor

It is a workplace, but it does not mean it has to be a monotonous or even cold office. Practice your imagination and creation to bring out a nice work environment via innovative office decor that might just lure you to expect to work once you get up in the morning. The second way to add warmth to the office is creative lighting. Try to strike a comfortable balance between office lighting and natural sunlight. Even if your seat is just close to a large window, you can add some extra lighting, say, a floor lamp for ambient light, a table lamp for sufficient task lighting, a led bonsai light for romantic atmosphere or a lamp for a pop of color to the office especially you overwork at night.

Add a bit of color to our office space

What type of job are you taking now? Is your work much about creativity? If so, why not add some warmer or vibrant colors to create a creative office setting. Never accept the color setting of the office ever since the day you are enrolled in the company. If you are photographers or designers, such brilliant colors just tell others you are always enthusiastic about creative work. If your work is conservative one like legal services, it is wise to try the neutral colors. Vibrant colors just leave other impression that you are not that reliable. Color of the office will unconsciously produce a certain psychological effect on staff and will affect the impression you leave on others.

Raise Green Plants in the Office

Plants are especially beneficial not just in the aspect that they add beauty to our office environment, but because they can clean pollutants out of the air. For office recently decorated, it is very necessary to add some plants. The green plants can be fun because we have more things to do. We need to change the water for them, and we need to put them under sunshine if necessary, all of which can diversify our office living. The plants can filter the air for us and convert chemical air pollutants into harmless substances. It’s really fun to raise the plants in the office.

Enjoy Music at Office

There is really no need to explain more about the benefits of music. Music can bring us really too much emotional well being, or even improve our cognitive skills and communication skill. In the office, we can use the music to mask the noises. When we do some boring works, we can listen to music for mental stimulation or stress reduction. Sometimes, people say the music in the office can be annoying. But if we choose some of the soft, soothing and even uplifting music we love, not too loud, our office atmosphere can be better.


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