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Adhere to Principles For Building a Brilliant Career

Updated on April 17, 2020
PrateekJain24 profile image

Prateek Jain is a banking professional who regularly update his knowledge. He attends practical training seminars and certification quizzes.


Career is the most important stage of human life, after completing higher studies the first question comes in mind of students is, what should they pursue in order to build a bright future? It is advisable to choose the career of your interest. And once you start your career in the field of your interest it is important to keep growing and attain a respected position soon. Here are some common principles which will help to develop a strong personality which significantly helps to boost your career upswing.


Networking has become an essential element for career growth. According to online research results around 55% of the hiring take place only through networking. Major career outlook relies on marketability and connecting with new people. Alumni can be from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or they may be your college friends too.

It has become necessary in this VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) to use the LinkedIn platform for exploring new people, jobs and understanding the industry trends. Most employers also notice your social presence and activities, so it is advisable not to post your views on any sensitive matter being it political or religious.

With the introduction of digitalization gonna networking is quite easy. The introduction of LinkedIn and other professional social platforms has made communicating with others the very easy task. Now people can know all about the organisations and jobs in just a single click. Hence, it is an effective way to build a strong network with industry experts in less time and without physical meetings.

Morning walk to boost your strength.
Morning walk to boost your strength. | Source

Physical Fitness and Grooming

Candidates should focus on their physical fitness and proper hygiene. These aspects do not seem to be connected with your job but play a vital role in your career.

It is corporate thinking that if employees who can't take care of themselves, then how will they handle the company?

Factors which you need to take care of is the appearance which includes professional dress up and an attractive resume. Extensively employers form a perception of the employee by noticing these factors. Ultimately employers mostly hire employees based on their perception formed during the interview session.

Imagine two candidates appear for an interview where one is physically fit and confident while others are completely obese. Therefore, the chances of selection are high for the one who is physically fit.

Hence, it is important to take care of yourself to make your employer believe that you have the potential to learn, grow and face upcoming challenges put by the organisation.

Follow Your Mentor

Many of my friends seek help from me. I also seek help for my career from my seniors and mentors. It is very common to take help and guidance for building your career. Potential job seekers can take help from their respective seniors in the community or take counseling sessions from a reputed councilor.

But as soon as you join any organisation your immediate superior or the HR will be your mentor. So, it is essential for you to seek help from them to update and enhance your (KSA) i.e. knowledge, skills and abilities you are lacking for performing assigned job roles and responsibilities.

Therefore, take appropriate actions to improve your skills and learn new strategies by following your mentor's advice and guidance. Mentors have more experience than us, and we should learn from them to avoid the same mistakes which they did earlier.

Mentor giving training to student.
Mentor giving training to student. | Source

Infer like as Entrepreneur

Once you start climbing the career ladder you will realise that skill sets that you possess are not sufficient. Suppose that a programmer or an IT professional first starts with programming but later gets promoted and has to manage the programming now. Here his job role is not the same as coding and programming whereas he needs to show his managerial skills now.

Always shift your job in different verticals at some interval. This is only possible when you stop assuming your career as a job but start understanding it as a learning process.

Nowadays sideways moves within an organisation are very popular. As they improve the overall structure and functioning of the organisation and avoid dependency on a single staff. As nicely said when you put organisation as a priority you will start inferring like an entrepreneur.

"Always look at your career as a bicycle. Here you need to put efforts and paddle to move forward."


Hope that now you know the valuable advice so you will use it to enhance your career goals. Remember never stop learning, grooming, and meeting with new people to build a strong network. Always stick to your mentor’s guidance and advice. Always ask for help whenever you stuck somewhere.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prateek Jain


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