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Admissions Tips for the Lehigh MBA Degree Program

Updated on January 16, 2012

Lehigh University is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It has a College of Business and Economics that provides the Lehigh MBA degree program. This prestigious business course has been ranked 5th by BusinessWeek among Mid-Atlantic MBA programs. As such, it is not surprising to find out that admissions standards are fairly tight at Lehigh. Those seeking to get an advanced business education should be familiar with the standards so they can study in advance and meet work-related qualifications for this MBA program.


The GMAT is pretty standard among U.S. MBA programs. Lehigh has an average score that is somewhere in the middle between the low-ranked and top-ranked business courses. According to the College of Business and Economics, the 2010 class had an average score of 626. This equates to about the 72nd percentile (see TestMasters link below). Thus, the GMAT is going to be a tough obstacle for some Lehigh applicants.

All students should first start out with some study tools and materials at, the official website of the Graduate Management Admission Council. While it takes some natural skills to do well on the GMAT, test takers can improve their scores with a high amount of practice and study.


Many students who are not naturally adept at achieving a high score on the GMAT can hope to get in with the help of a higher-than-average GPA. The 2010 class had an average of 3.2. Those still doing undergraduate work should consider that their GPA could be crucial for acceptance into the Lehigh MBA program. As stated previously, this is especially true for those without the natural aptitude required of the GMAT.

Work Experience:

At Lehigh, the average MBA student has a full six years of post-college business experience. Those with as little as two years of experience, however, could be accepted.

Other Requirements:

Letters of recommendation and an application essay are required. Refer to the "Application Requirements" page for more details. A big part of your ability to get accepted into the Lehigh MBA program is your ability to articulate your future career goals. Think long and hard about what you want to do with your career and skills obtained through the business classes. Leadership skills must also be a key part of these career objectives.

Once ready, use the link below to access the online application for admission to the Lehigh MBA program. Do not submit paper letters of recommendation, as the parties recommending you will receive an online link for submitting the letters.


Lehigh University: MBA Class Profile

Lehigh University: MBA Application Requirements

Lehigh Online Application System


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