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Advantages and Disadvantages Working Homebased Office Job

Updated on March 15, 2013

When you are working like a typical regular employee in an office or other job that requires you to leave your home. You'll think that It would be good if your working in your house and manage your time for your family and your work. However not all Homebased job means will give more time to your family. I created a list here what are the advantages and disadvantages working at home.


Here's the advantages working at home

1. Time for family

Usually main reason why people would like to work homebased job is they want more time to spend with their family rather working. Working as an employee in an office you'll experience most of the time the regular working hours which is 8 am to 5 pm not included the time you've traveled from home to office and then after work from office back to your house. So overall you will lose approximately 10-12 hours a day and this is not included the overtime and heavy traffic when travelling.

2. Expenses on Gasoline or Taxicab

Imagine this if your working online at your home you don't need to use gasoline. Instead using your money on it. You can save it for other things. Same with taxi cab your still using your money for fare.

3. Taking lunch break or coffee break

When working in an office there will be a certain time that employees allowed to take their breaks sometimes coffee break last for 15 minutes only and lunch break usually 1 hour. And you need to adhere on company policies that there's no overbreaks. Exceeding on these break time sometimes put your job or promotion at risk. But if your a homebased worker anytime you can take a break or nap (there's a lot of online jobs out there sometimes they offer fixed or hourly job. On fixed job they will pay you after you've completed a certain project so this advantage might be applicable on fixed or project based homebased job.) This is one of the reason why I love working at home.

4. Business plus homebased job

Running a business is not easy when your working at the office and relying only to a person who handled your business. Don't you think It would be better if you could do it at the same time. Like when you have a burger store or flower shop, not all of the time someone will buy something on the store. You could use this vacant time to do some article writing stuff or web research job online. You will never regret this because you are able to maximize your time to earn money.

5. Doing other things you enjoy while working

If you're a movie fanatic, music lover or a gamer. You won't have problem while doing this at the same time working online. Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard weegly, kgb or chacha. These are online job that needs expertise on research. Basically someone will ask question then you need to accept it then research for the answer. Sometimes you only have 2 or 3 question per hour and you could answer these questions within 2-3 minutes each. So while waiting for the questions to come in so you can play some arcade games on facebook, listen on your mp3 or watch a movie. Just don't forget to pause it while answering questions. Another thing, I believe some mom's doing their house chores while working using these websites.

6. Easy job

Sometimes there's a job that you just need to click something or answer some survey to earn money. I also see a post that you need to have at least decent internet connection then they will hire you to download a file then upload them into their server.

7. Eat and chat with your friends while working

This is really good because if you are really bored, invite your friends or relatives then get them snacks while doing your online task while talking to them.

8. No dress code

Working in an office needs you to wear itchy clothes or not so comfortable dress. Working at home allows you to wear your basketball jersey or pajamas or you can work not wearing anything. Another thing no dress code is cool but when client sets an interview you need to wear at least decent attire on skype interview if there's any.


As you can see above there's a lot of great advantages but next on the list is the disadvantages.

1. Socialize with other people

You will have limited person to talk to. Unlike in office there will be a lot of people that will talk to you. Team member, maintenance personnel, security, secretary and your boss. Unlike at home nothing, its best if you are married or have a kid to have someone to talk regularly while working.

2. Low pay rates

This is the big problem for all freelance article writers, web researcher and other job like online surveys or PTC sites. I have seen a post that they hire an article writer that can write 700-900 words, 3 articles per day, no article spinning, pass on copyscape and each article cost .25 cents. I think if your really into writing you should pick your client carefully, I'm not saying go look for high paying job immediately. Just look for a reasonable amount that they will pay for your work, just a decent amount will be enough.

3. Job security

Even your working there for a year sometimes there's a client will end your contract immediately with some lame reasons. Most of online job offers project based only. Sometimes it will tell you if they need fulltime but even if its full time don't be relaxed because sometimes it'll go down.

4. Scammed, didn't received the payment

This is very common when you're starting homebased job. There will be a site offering some training manual or software that you need to purchase before you get accepted to the program. This is really a scam. Your finding a job so they will pay you for your services not you going to pay them for a job.

Some clients will offer you good pay then after you've completed the project on time they will not pay you or you'll receive incomplete payment. For this kind of problem, like I was saying on Job security be careful choosing your client. Try to check their feedback for further reference.

5. No help or support

Every company uses a tools or a software used on each job. Like customer service, it requires a CRM tool to manage customers account information. If this software crashes all you need to do is call the IT technician to fix it. That if you are working in an office with complete and full support with their employees but when you are at your home. Some basic troubleshooting step to fix it you need to do it by yourself. Sometimes you can get some help by calling them or sending an email to their support but it will take sometime to get the answer for the problem.

Are you working from home?

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    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 

      5 years ago from Manila

      Pretty interesting hub you got here! I'm still a student, but I'm making some efforts trying to get extra cash/allowance through some writing platforms. :)


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