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Advantages of Using Technology in Small Businesses

Updated on November 9, 2017
Ways technology help small businesses
Ways technology help small businesses | Source

Advantages of Using Technology in a Small Business

Technology has significant effects on business operations and is becoming a major factor in startups. The last two decades, for instance, have been marked by a great increase in the use of technology as enterprises realize the tangible and intangible benefits linked to it. In business, technology is a concept that refers to the scientific breakthroughs that allow for automated solutions. While in small businesses the most obvious benefit is increased productivity that translates to low costs, there are more valuable basics that contribute to the bottom line. Better data storage, enhanced speed, and the ease of sharing information trickle down to reduced costs and increased revenue. So, how important is technology in small businesses?

Efficiency in Operations

Technology is the gateway to easy data retrieval, quick processing of information, and automation. It can also replace a physical workforce. For instance, bookkeeping can now be handled by applications such as QuickBooks. The sales function can also be automated through sites such as Salesforce, giving small business owners the chance to strategize and cut down on labor expenses. Leaving sensitive data in the hands of an employee exposes your business to human error. But, when technology is used as a go-between, mistakes are eliminated and the time taken to complete a task is also reduced. Successful businesses are keen on financial transactions as the slightest mistake could render a business bankrupt or result in unnecessary losses. Today, it is easy to track expenditure accurately, and inventory technologies are also important in helping you manage the costs of your storage. Consider how credit cards are used as a means of payment in this era. Swiping through card readers is all that is needed to complete payments, unlike in the past where long processes took place.

With technology also, you do not have to be subjected to searching through loads of files to retrieve documents as there is enough room to store your data in the cloud. Advanced technology means that small businesses can now meet clients online, create a leadership development program for the employees, and hold meaningful meetings. Enterprises can also keep track of employees, save wastage of resources, and reach the same target market as their large business counterparts.

Effective Customer Communication

The fact that technology is critical to your ability to engage clients effectively cannot be disputed. Your communication quality can quickly degrade or enhance your business' customer loyalty. With the economy in recession, clients are exposed to many alternatives than ever before. Businesses that are proving to be responsive to customer concerns are gaining a clear competitive advantage, and that is why it is essential to use technology to anticipate their needs and improve your efficiency. Any small business that fails to communicate effectively to its employees, clients, vendors, prospects, and partners is likely not to survive. Understand that good communication leads to a great public image, attracts new clients, enhances customer trust in a firm, and produces positive ROI. Leveraging popular media such as video and social channels can greatly help you to communicate effectively with your customer base, collaborate, and market your enterprise.

Cutting-Edge Security

Securing enterprise assets, proprietary and physical information, including server cabinets and access control is vital to the success of operations. Today, businesses are subjected to vandalism and threats, the reason it is critical to protect the financial data and confidential information. Unsecured data can ruin the reputation and competitive position of any business rapidly. Cloud storage such as DropBox or systems like Vital Vaults can help in keeping data safe when only select users within the company are given access to them. The ability to encrypt data and create unique passwords ensures a small business' projects are safe by reducing sabotage, hacks, and espionage.

Small businesses that are willing to be early adopters of cutting-edge technology have the opportunity to create high benefits. That requires the adoption of the right technology to impact the daily operations of your business profoundly.

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