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Adversity Turned Into Opportunity

Updated on June 26, 2011

Adversity - Falling Down

There is a time in everyone's life when they run into adversity. This is referred to as "falling down," It's just a part of life.

When you encounter a situation like this, how do you handle it? What is your though process? Do you see a glass of water that's filled half way up as half full or half empty?

Another analogy we make is how we view each day, when the sun rises do you see this as another beautiful day, or is it another ho hum day of going to work and watching the clock tick till 5 o'clock comes.

Most times we cannot control adversity, it just comes. How we deal with it is really the question.

Learning From Others Adversity

I had a friend who at the age of 38 had Cancer. He had a wife of 16 years and two children ages 10 and 12. While I was feeling sorry for Him and His family He was enjoying the time he had left. You would have thought I was the one with Cancer.

The time we had together were lessons I will never forget. The one outstanding statement I'll always remember is "It's not how long you live, It's how you live". This coming from a man who had every right to be mad at the world.

My friend Paul was certainly the expert because I didn't have a clue what is was like to be dying.

He left many words of wisdom and certainly changed the way I looked at this "Uncertain Temporary Condition" we call Life.

Opportunity - Getting Up

Now that you know adversity can be lurking around the corner from you, how will you view your options to deal with it? Will this be an opportunity to learn and get stronger from it, or will you use it as a reason to become angry?

Short Bio

Years ago I had a fight with Health, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to lose control of your health.

In the beginning I went through the self pity phase and was angry at the world. It didn't take long to realize that I wasn't getting to many supporters with this attitude and in fact it was alienating people from wanting to talk to me.

Once I faced reality I knew it was up to me to look for answers or just throw in the towel.

It was the failures that motivated me to continue knowing the solution was out there. It seems contradictive, but eliminating each possible solution meant one step closer to the solution. The accumulation of Knowledge was better than any University could teach because it was personal.

Taking this experience and the knowledge gained from it is an opportunity. The opportunity is using that knowledge to inform and help others in a business.

How Will You Handle It?

So, when you face experiences of adversity will you shut down and give up, or will you look for answers and opportunities?


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