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Affiliate marketing tips for beginners succeed

Updated on February 18, 2014
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is quite easy to understand. There are loads of companies out there on the internet with loads of amazing products. These companies want lots of people to buy these products so they offer to make people affiliates of theirs. The job of the affiliates will be to promote the products and will send buyers to those products through a unique html link. Every time a person clicks on those links and buys a product the affiliate marketer will get a percentage of the sale.

Why affiliate marketers fail!

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of making money online. It is popular because anyone can do affiliate marketing and make money. Please understand that just because anyone can make money from it does not mean that everyone does. Most people who try to make money through affiliate marketing fail (about 85%).

There are various reasons why 85% of affiliate marketers fail to make any money at all. One of the biggest reasons that new online affiliate marketers fail is that they have started off with the wrong mindset. They have been lead to believe that affiliate marketing is incredibly easy and that it takes very little work to make thousands of pounds every week. This is wrong! Affiliate marketing does not work like that. It is easy in that anyone can do it but it is a lot of hard work and takes time to make any considerable money. Most of the hard work that an affiliate marketer will do is research. Research is a huge part of affiliate marketing when you first start off. When beginning a career in affiliate marketing you need to look into doing keyword research, finding out all about SEO research and various other topics that having the knowledge of would help benefit someone that wants to make money from affiliate marketing.

Another reason why people fail at affiliate marketing is that ththey do not realise that they need to spend time building up thier affiliate empire. Time is a massive factor in affiliate marketing and is one of the biggest resources for an affiliate marketer. It takes time to do proper keyword research. It takes time to research your topic and find new niches in your market. It also takes time to write up articles and reviews about affiliate products that you are marketing. If you have time you can succeed but you need to make time. You can build a profitable affiliate marketing empire without spending money but you cannot build one without spending time. The more time you spend building your affiliate empire the more money you can make. No time = no money.

A professional affiliate marketer needs to be organised and needs to spend time to make money online. Organising your life so that building on your marketing is a priority is important if you want to make money.

Motivation is another reason why so many affiliate marketers fail. Actually it is more to do with a lack of motivation. It takes a lot of time and effort to make money through affiliate marketing and there are copious amounts of writing required. An affiliate marketer needs to keep himself motivated or he will not achieve the end goal, which is for most affiliates making lots of money. An affiliate needs to make sure that he is working on building up his income every day. A successful affiliate marketer will write and publish something everyday, whether it is an article or a blog post or even a comment on a blog or website. To succeed an affiliate needs to continuously post stuff online otherwise they will see no money in the bank.

How to start off as an affiliate marketer

Starting out as an affiliate marketer can be a little daunting at first. Questions like:

  • What affiliate network should I join?
  • What products should I promote?
  • How do I get paid?
  • And many more.

Before signing up to an affiliate network and choosing products to sell you should do some research on the companies and the networks themselves to check that they are trust worthy. If you have never done any affiliate marketing before then a good place to start would be a reputable company that has been going for a few years.

In my advice the best company to start out with is Amazon as they have an excellent Affiliate program and they sell a wide range of products. The fact that Amazon sells such a wide range of products is great because it means that no matter what your niche is Amazon probably has a thousand products that are related to your niche that you can promote and make money from. It is an easy program to join and the potential earnings are O.K. The problem with Amazon is that you only make 4% per sale. This doesn't mean that you cannot make a living purely promoting Amazon products but it is hard for the new starter to make loads of money. But Amazon is a great program to start with because they have plenty of advice and tips for you that explain ways of making money through the affiliate program.

Once you have learned about affiliate marketing and have gotten the hang of it you can move on to other affiliate programs that have a better rate of pay than Amazon and have a lower rate of competition. Joining a site like will show you loads of affiliate programs that you can join and products that you can promote.

Once you have chosen your affiliate program and the products that you want to promote you have to decide how you will promote those products. There are loads of different methods for promoting products online. The most popular ones are:

  • Create a blog
  • Create a website
  • Write articles

Each method has its own benefits and constraints.

Creating a blog and posting links to your affiliate products is one of the most popular ways of promoting your links. It is a cheap (or free if you use a free blog) and effective way of doing affiliate marketing. The main problem with blogging is that for your blog to make money from affiliate links it has to have lots of traffic and for that to happen it needs to be updated regularly. This means that you constantly need to add posts to it. You also need to promote it heavily. You will need to post lots of links to your blog to drive traffic to it. So in essence need to attract people to click on the links to your blog in orders to attract them to click on links to your products.

Websites are more static than blogs. They do need to be updated regularly to keep them fresh so that Google likes them but not as much as a blog would. The main problem with a website is that you have to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. When you are first starting out this may not be an expense you can afford, especially since you have no guarantee that your website will make more money than it costs initially. It may take a long while to build up your site and attract enough visitors that the cost of the site is less than the income the site generates. Once your site has been search engine optimised and is getting a decent number of visitors that click on your affiliate links, then you will have the start of a decent passive income.

Writing articles is the best way to start with affiliate marketing because it costs nothing and can earn you a decent sum of money through affiliate links and adverts. The trick is to write articles for well established article directories and other such sites. Two of the best sites to write articles for are (this site) and Both sites are well established and are well liked by Google so it is quite easy to get your articles ranked quite highly in the search engines. The also both share ad revenue and affiliate revenue with their writers so you could make a living from these two sites alone and it will not cost you anything except time. When starting out with affiliate marketing I have found that writing articles with sites like is a good way of testing the water and finding out what works and what you need to do to make money. Another good thing about writing for Hubpages and Squidoo is that they are community websites with thousands of writers who will often help each other out with tips and advice. A good plan of action is to begin with sites like this, then once you are earning enough of an income you can start creating websites and use the money generated from these articles to fund the sites. You can also place links in the articles that you write to the websites creating backlinks and a second source of income. This is a system that many affiliate marketers use and it works incredibly well.

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