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Affiliatebot The Top Affiliate Network To Earn

Updated on March 30, 2011

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Affiliate Bot The Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks make it easy to earn with affiliate programs, as you can join and earn from as many as you can handle, affiliate earning is when you promote a product or service and you get a cut of the actual price normally known as an affiliate commission.

Affiliate bot is like other networks but as it is my favourite, it deserves special attention above all the rest of the affiliate networks, but primarily they all do the same thing, manage and track your affiliate promotions with detailed analytics that you can access within your account and track clicks, leads and sales.

The best way of using affiliate networks like affiliate bot is to go for the affiliate programs that you know full well that you can fit them easily into your blog or website. If you have a knowledgeable interest in one area such as financial or business, you may go for any types of affiliate programs like loans or business start ups.

So choosing the right affiliate programs are what the world of affiliate marketing is all about, placing them with your hobbies and main interests and making a business online from it. And lets face it affiliate marketing is a business and one that should be treated like a proper business.

Also with certain affiliate networks you get exclusive offers for new affiliate programs that you may not get anywhere else.

Track Your Affiliate Programs With AffiliateBOT

When it comes to tracking your affiliate promotions for each affiliate product, there are easy steps to take with tracking, so for getting the tracking code set up you need to join some relevant affiliate programs and then go to the get links were there are multiple html links and text links or even banner links if they are provided by the affiliate.

You can track the progress of your clicks and sales and even leads by filling in the sid field on your affiliate link edit that you do for every promotion you do, thi is your unique tracker that you yourself can identify which website your sales come from, so for instance I have a halloween blog so I would put something in there to recognize and know where my sales are made, I would put something like "hallowblog" and then copy the code or use the link, encrypt the link if you want your tracker hidden.

Using The AffiliateBOT Network

The affiliatebot network system is going through some great updates and new additions at the moment such as a user blog and soon an adsense addition to your affiliate user profile page.

All the affiliate programs come with the usual promotional tools such as banners and text links and these can be created within your account as trackable links!

Also the combinations of using banners where appropriate and what fits your site best with text links placed within your websites content, relevant links also help you side your article content with matching affiliate links that add value to your readers and internet visitors.

With the addition of the blog that is now available within your account you are free to use it for whatever you are promoting, but I recommend you use it as your special deals, offers and other discounts on your affiliate programs, this could help you keep your blog focused towards any existing customers you do have and direct all of the discounters and deal seekers to our blog.

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      Useful info thanks Wayne.