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Affordable Store - Front Advertising

Updated on October 21, 2012

Signage - Posters - Banners - A-Frames - Flags

A significant reason many businesses stay in business is because they understand how important it is to advertise. Advertising attracts potential customers which over time increases your chances of making more sales.

Inexpensive Advertising Ideas

Do you have a business/store-front? Do people actually notice your business when they are driving or walking by? Everyday I'm on the road I drive by business after business. I jump in my car and I'm so focused on getting to where I need to go and I'm sure hundreds of other people do the same. How can you attract new customers if most of the customers drive right by without ever noticing your business?

There are affordable advertising methods you can use to help your business get noticed and stand out from the rest. Attract attention to your store-front without breaking the bank.

Advertising Flags

Using flags to stand out from the crowd offers an inexpensive way to help you attract attention to your business and flags have a long life expectancy.  Choosing a bright color with one word or letter on the flag is all you need to help you attract attention.  One huge flag or a row of flags tells people you are in business.  Another reason to use flags as an affordable way to advertise is if your business is located on a side street where not much traffic is driving or walking by.  Placing flags on the top of your store-front will get noticed.

Attract Attention With A-Frames

Another inexpensive form of roadside advertising is the use of A-Frames. A-Frames are inexpensive, durable and have a long life expectancy. A-Frames come in many different sizes, colors and allow you to change your advertising daily. Purchasing a chalkboard A-Frame and using bright color chalk helps attract attention. A-Frames also come magnetic. You purchase the A-Frame, letters and numbers one time which allows you to change the advertising daily. A great affordable way to attract potential customers which over time helps you make the sale.

A-Frames come in blackboard and erasable board too.
A-Frames come in blackboard and erasable board too. | Source

Banner Created By Signtificsign

To the right is a banner created by Signtificsign. I write about the business Signtificsign and the business owners Scott Greer & Nick Romano created a sign for me to use to help promote my business offline. I bartered. Click picture to view full-size.

Banners & Posters

Is your business having a huge blowout sale and can't afford the traditional advertising in the newspaper? Let say your business is having a huge weekend sale event. Purchasing an extra large outdoor banner or two which can be seen a half a mile away can increase your chances of bringing in the customers. Choosing a bright color light fluorescent yellow, can be seen far away AND will attract attention at night or fluorescent orange with bright yellow lettering. Banners do get noticed.

You can buy posters or make extra large posters to help promote your sale. Where ever your allowed to place a poster do it. Posters attract attention too and you save money at the same time.

PVC Posts and Panels last a lot longer than wood signs.
PVC Posts and Panels last a lot longer than wood signs. | Source

Permanent Signage

A business with a permanent professional looking sign gives the impression of your business being a success.  Permanent signage has a long life expectancy and can compliment your store-front.  Hand carved signs in the old days were made out of wood.  Wood does not withstand the weather compare to modern material.  You can purchase a hand carved sign while giving it an old wood look but the modern material withstands splitting, warping and discoloring.  Do the research to get more bang for you buck.


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  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi sord87,

    Yes, if we could use some of these methods of advertising I bet it would help our Hubs stand out from the rest. Good one.

  • profile image

    sord87 7 years ago

    A good idea,i just wonder if i implement it on hub,I think i could stand out from all hubbers too!A good exposure makes good return right!Thank you mailexpress for kind advice!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Yes FGual these are great advertising ideas most businesses don't take advantage of. You don't need to break the bank to get your business noticed.

  • FGual profile image

    FGual 7 years ago from USA

    Great advertising ideas that most businesses don't take advantage of.

  • janiek13 profile image

    Mary Krenz 7 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

    All great ideas!!