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Alan Baum

Updated on May 31, 2011

Who Is Alan Baum?


Alan Baum is a lucky man.

According to a leaked google adsense bidding keyword list for November 2009, the top bid on the name Alan Baum would have cost you a cool $39.75 per click. Is your name worth that much? Alan Baum’s certainly is.

I have no clue who Alan Baum is but I’m a curious person by nature so I started digging up any and all information I could find on this mysterious Alan Baum. A few mouse clicks showed me what a popular man this Alan Baum is. There are over 1,710,000 pages in google alone mentioning the name Alan Baum. Now I was more determined than ever to learn more about this man and what makes him such a hot commodity.

Turns out there is more than one Alan Baum. The first and arguably most popular Alan Baum I discovered is a federal defense attorney with the United Defense Group. He is based in Southern California but can practice in over 40 districts in the US. He provides trial defense services to people who have been accused of or arrested for federal crimes. His impressive resume and rather handsome picture dominate the first page of google results for the name Alan Baum. He has been featured in various magazines and television shows. He was hired by Hard Copy as a commentator during the O.J Simpson trial and his roster of clients includes rappers Bone Thugs and Harmony and Korupt.

The next Alan Baum I stumbled upon is also a lawyer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He distinguishes himself from the multitude of Alan Baums out there by adding the middle initial S to his name. Alan S. Baum and his firm represent physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals in litigation. He is a shareholder in Matis-Baum-Rizza-O’Connor (MBRO) and he is an avid cyclist who enjoys biking to raise money for various charitable organizations.

The third most popular Alan Baum according to google is an ophthalmologist out of Houston, Texas. Not much is known about Dr. Alan Baum MD other than the fact that he can be found at the Texas Eye Institute.

So there you have it. Those are the three most popular Alan Baums according to google search results. I learned from my research that they are all very successful in their chosen fields. Turns out Alan Baum isn’t just a lucky man, he is very successful too!

Alan Baum - Federal Defense Attorney

Alan Baum is a defense attorney with the United Defense Group
Alan Baum is a defense attorney with the United Defense Group

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