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All You Need to Know About Cloud-Computing

Updated on September 19, 2017

Have you heard about Cloud Computing? If not, let's know what cloud computing is. In the word of cloud computing, cloud refers to the internet. It means cloud computing refers to computing over the internet. Hence, Cloud Computing is a general term which is used for delivery of hosted services like servers, storage, database, networking, software and much more over the internet.

Cloud computing is fairly a new phenomenon in the world of personal computing. However, industries and big business are using it for years. Cloud computing is the exercise of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

The companies which offer these computing services are known as cloud providers. Cloud computing enables these companies to consume computer resources like storage, virtual machine, applications utility and much more.

How does Cloud Computing work?

The cloud computing enables you to set up your personal servers and host all your sensitive data on the server. This keeps your local data safe from being lost. If at any time you lost your local data, you can get it back from the server.

Cloud computing can be compared to a bank. It works like a bank where you can store all your data. And you can access your data from any place, unlike local storage. It just needs an internet connection.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The very first and important advantage of using cloud computing is you can access your data from any place on any computer. You don't need your personal system where you have worked earlier on any project, you can access the same project on any other system using cloud storage.

Sometimes, we save our data or projects on hard drives to safeguard it from being lost. But many times, hard drives get corrupted. Then what to do to get the data back? Nothing, you can't get your data back now. Here, cloud storage can help you to safeguard your data. Cloud storage is a backup that you can safely trust which will never get corrupted.

The most important thing about cloud computing is that it is safe from being hacked as compared to personal network attached storage solution.

Uses of Cloud Computing

Whether you are using cloud computing directly or not, but you are using it indirectly. Wondering how you are using it? You are using cloud computing for online service to send emails, edit documents, listen to music, watch movies or TV, play games etc. Cloud computing is making all these activities possible so that you can enjoy things freely at anytime anywhere.

Here are few things you can do with Cloud:

- Create your new apps and services with cloud storage.

- Store your data in the cloud. It will keep backup of your data and you can recover your data anytime.

- Deliver software on demand with the help of cloud computing.

- You can host websites and blogs also.

Reasons to use Cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming more popular nowadays. It has created a revolution in IT industry. After knowing about cloud computing you must be thinking of using it. Let's see some more reasons why to use cloud computing for your business.

Cost Effective

Cloud computing reduces the capital expenditure which is used for buying hardware and software and on setting rack of servers. It also eliminates maintenance charges for these servers.

Increases Productivity

Cloud computing increases productivity. As on-site data centers require a lot of racking and stacking and hence requires maintenance and person to look after it. Cloud computing lets you use services without setting up any hardware setup which makes you concentrate only on the productivity.

High Speed

These cloud storage are with vast volume to store your data. Hence, you do computing with high speeds with cloud storage.


Cloud computing is what you can trust on blindly. If you are using cloud computing you don’t need to take care of your data. Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity at less expense.

So, if you are not using Cloud computing till now, you should try it to have a wonderful experience which is best for you and your business too.

© 2017 Puja Gusain


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