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Amazon Mechanical Turk: Tips For Successfully Making Money Online

Updated on January 31, 2012

If anyone ever tries to make money online then you probably heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon Mechanical Turk is affiliated with Amazon (Amazon does not regulate it) where people can do simple task and get pay. It is a simple way to get people to work on task that computer cannot for pennies (maybe 10 cent to a dollar per task). It is not a scam but a valid source of making extra income on the side but don’t quit your day job. You don’t make much but those dollars eventually adds up.

How do you start?

It simple, just go to the website ( and sign up. You can use your preexisting Amazon account. Sign up as either worker or requester. A worker is the person who does the task for money while the requester post the task and pay.

What are Hits and Qualification?

When you finish signing up you go over to the hits. Hits are the simple jobs. For example: choose the best category for this item. You have to accept the hit before you can do the task (Best to check the preview before attempting the hit as it could be a waste of time). When you finish, just submitted it and wait for the requester to review it. If it is accepted, you will get pay like 10 cents. Oh yea, requester can reject your hits. Amazon put all the power in the requester so be careful of scam. If the offer sounds too good than it is, no one pays more than 2 dollars to do any tasks. Don’t put any personal information online, like credit card or SSN.

Qualifications are to make sure you can do a good job at the hit. Requesters can requests that you have a certain amount of skills (like passing a grammar exam online) before you do the hit. There are many type of qualifications. It’s a good idea to do hits that have qualification because they usually pay more.


  1. It’s not worth your time to work on any task for a penny or 10 cent. Try to do task that has 50 cent and you can finish in like 6 minutes.
  2. It’s best if you are a good writer. Tasks that ask you to write a 300 words article will usually pay more.
  3. Take test. They pay more!
  4. You are not going to make a lot of income doing this. I have tried it and in like 1 hours made 6 dollars. If you are patient than those dollars will add up and by the end of the year, you could have enough to buy someone a gift. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.


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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Think this may be a great idea to help save for christmas!! Thanks

    • profile image

      Muhammad At-Tauhidi 5 years ago

      Great post. We use Mechanical Turk to support a wide range of business processes from creating lots seo content to completing various types of online data gathering. We summarized some our best tips for using business looking to take advantage of Mechanical Turk here: