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An Overview of Russ Dalbey’s Cash Flow Notes-System

Updated on June 2, 2014

There has been a lot of talk about the get-rich-quick course offered by ex-real estate investor Russ Dalbey. Of these, the one to catch my interest had been the Cash Flow Notes business. After all, I could hardly avoid it when it plays almost every morning on TV. So I decided to check it out. Who doesn't want to make a side income easily from a home business in these cash-strapped times?

During my research before joining I found that while this scheme, like most such programs, has its skeptics, there are plenty who swear by it. I decided to give Dalbey the benefit of the doubt and signed up for his lucrative training course called Winning in the Cash Flow Business.

About Cash Flow Notes

So what is Cash Flow Notes all about? Dalbey teaches you how to deal in seller-financed loans, specifically for real estate. There is a huge market for treasury notes, I.O.Us, certificates of deposit, and many other forms of fixed return which you can make from lending others. Brokering these notes is obviously a great way to make money. I found Russ Dalbey's course made it easier for me to learn how to do it.

The Cash Flow Notes course is really very simple. I saw Russ Dalbeys infomercial and I was extremely surprised at how simple it seemed to make easy money. Here's how it works. You find notes or mortgages that are privately held, negotiate a price for it, and then sell it to a buyer. You use Dalbey's website - America's Note Network - for the transactions. The difference in the selling and buying prices is what you get to keep as your profit. This profit can go up to as much as tens of thousands for one transaction.

The Course

When you sign up for the course, you get an info bundle with 3 manuals, 2 audio CDs and a DVD. The basics of how to run a note business is covered well in the bundle. But if you need additional training, you can head to Russ Dalbey's office (though I hear the hourly fee is a hefty 4-digit sum).

Of course, like any program that makes you money, you have to be dedicated to actually get it to work. There are two aspects of the program that are challenging. The first is finding the funding to purchase the notes. Many of us don't have the cash to buy the notes, but a little help in credit or cash from capital providers for small and home-based businesses should give you a head start.

The other aspect that needs a certain amount of work is finding the notes. For this you will need to build a great network which you can tap into. You may have to spend several hours on the phone each week, nurturing these contacts and turning them into business opportunities.

But that's all that this program needs - an interest in real estate, the ability to build relationships and keep them, and a desire to succeed. Your success will depend on your individual effort, like most businesses. However Russ Dalbey's America Note Network will provide you with the framework to set up your home business.

It's as easy as that, and there are plenty of people who have got results, judging from reviews. You can too. Simply visit the website for more details. Good luck!


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